Thursday, August 25, 2005

Bronchitis-- isnt that a type of dinosaur?

Or is that a brontasour? is that even a dinosaur either?

ANYWAY! My poor little girly has bronchitis. Awe.

It started out as a cold. I wasnt going to take her to the doctor, cuz i figured it was only a cold and the dr would think me silly to bring her in. but, tuesday morning she was crying and crying and crying, so i made the call. and i'm glad i did.

these were her "symptoms." She has this hacking cough (it sounds awful! she even coughs in her sleep.) a low grade fever. she has been eating half as much as normal. she has yellow snot coming out her nose. (sorry if thats gross.) she's not sleeping as much. she's been moody.

the cough is the worst though. it sounds AWFUL! and i know it must be giving her an awful headache and sore throat... cuz i feel that way after coughing so bad.

i feel so bad for her. poor baby.

i HATE insurrance though. and medications. grr. she's on this one type medicine for her bronchitis. its a bottle of only three tsp. TEASPOONS! guess how much it cost? guess... go on... guess... THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS! thats more than ten dollars a teaspoon! what a total rip-off. it better work.

but on a brighter note... she's been cute lately too (when she's not crying from feeling sick.) i love her so much! yesterday she was sitting in her ladybug (an exersaucer shaped like a lady bug, w/ the cute toys on wings, and the antenae jiggle and rattle) and she was just looking at me, with a very serious look on her face. then, all of a sudden... she smiled at me! it just melted my heart.

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Abigail S. said...

I think it's a brontasaurus that you're thinking of.... but ten or so years ago, the powers-that-be decided to change its name to bracheasaurus. Dumb, ha?