Friday, November 04, 2005

The longest survey ever... Commercials Part 5

This is an old story. but i just recalled it recently. So, my commercials saga continues...

Once upon a time, i got a phone call from a radio survey group asking if my hubby and i would keep track for a week of what stations we listen to, when, where, etc. So, we did it. It was completely pain-free, not a hassle at all. And they gave us each $1 for helping. (ok, its not a lot of money-- but it was something to show their appreciation!)

so, a few weeks after that, when i received a call from another organization to do a similar thing, i said "sure!" boy, was i dumb.

they sent me a videotape of a TV show, to get my opinion of it. So, i'm watching, thinking: "this is a STUPID show!" Well, after the first 5 minutes or so, there was a commercial break. Then the show, then commercial break, etc. And i thought: "hmmm... they're gonna ask me about the commercials, arent they?"

Sure enough, yup. All they wanted to know is what i recalled about the commercials. There were three that they focused on: the Oust fan (which i already had used -- see commercials part 2), Pantene Pro-V curling shampoo (which i used to use), and Banquet Homestyle Crockpot meals (which i have no experience with).

Mother of Pearl!!! (thats my new exclamatory phrase that i'm using.) The stupid guy went on and on and on and on and on. And right when i thought it may be ending, he said to put the tape in again and press play again. And sure enough, there was the shampoo commercial again. So, he asked me very specific questions then. Would you buy this product? Do you believe its claims? What do you think of the actress?

and everytime i gave an aswer, he would say: what do you mean by that? For example, when i said that the actress was energetic, he said "what do you mean by energetic?" by this point, my baby is crying, i've been on the phone for over 45 minutes, and i said: "HOW LONG IS THIS GOING TO TAKE!!!" I vented my anger, he assured me that it wouldnt be too much longer. (Which was a lie.) So, we got back to the survey... and the very first thing he asked was: "so, what did you mean by energetic?" Boy, did i huff. I said, "I dont know!"

really, doesnt everyone know what that word means? Energetic= full of energy?

I will never use Pantene Pro-V again. Never.


'liya said...

haha aww I don't think the intention was for you to stop using Pantene Pro-V

Another conditioner I use is Revlon Outrageous, it smells so yummy! You should have told the guy whenever you watch commercials you always want to go out and buy the opposite thing :)

Abigail S. said...

Gotta love Fructise shampoo/conditioner... It is MUCH better that Pantene.

*knock, knock* Oh, that's you at my front door! Guess I'll go get it! Can't wait to see little Erica!

Michaela said...

Pantene only makes your hair soft cause it has Wax in it... I use Aussie!!

Clairissa said...

You poor gullible person! I never do those surveys and things because I know that is what they do to you. Actually, I yell at them and tell them not to bother me again. HA HA I hate stuff like that. I am like a WAY huge telemarketer/survey hater! I need to start a protest group or something.

Oh and thanks for inviting us to come over this morning. I'm sorry, but it wouldn't have worked out. Please invite us again sometime soon!! :)

Agnes Mitchell said...

You have never had a long survey until you've accidentally gotten yourself involved with Simmons.
I won't give you their website because I'm pretty sure their watching everyone and they'll send you stuff.
So they called me up until they wore me down. They offered us money and said we'll send you the booklet (they used the word bookLET) and you'll fill it out and send it back all prepaid and we'll send you more money.
They were true to their word and we made about $60 from it BUT...that was no damned booklet.
It was a novel. And there were two for each of us (my husband and I).
It took us the better part of two weeks to fill the thing out.
$60 wasn't enough.

Raj said...

ha ha, funny but don't punish pantene for that guy's doings.