Monday, November 07, 2005

thank you, thank you!

i'd like to thank all who have kept us in your thoughts.

erica (and i) are doing much better. wednesday, when i posted, was a rotten day. just awful. But, thursday was even worse. She and i had a crying competition... and i think i won. Well, friday erica woke up with TWO new teeth. Not just one... TWO! that definitely helps explain the rotten mood.

she's been fine since.

and, a special thank you to my family. Abby, mom, dad-- thanks for watching her over the weekend! it was nice to have a break (even though she was better by then!!!).


Clairissa said...

Well that certainly explains it! I know I always make Reagan sound like the *perfect* child, but he has his moments. But I always braced myself thinking he would be horrible when he was cutting a tooth, and he never was! I never even knew he was getting a tooth till I saw it. Strange, huh?

Congratulate Miss Toothy for us!! :)

Abigail S. said...

Glad to help!

See you Wednesday!