Tuesday, November 08, 2005

here comes the tickle-monster

my dad used to call himself the tickle monster when we were little. He'd say "here comes the tickle monster!" and then tickle, tickle, tickle us. quite fun. WELL... last night i found erica's ticklish spot. right under her clavicles (aka: collarbones). she just giggles and giggles. Its so cute.

did you know... i have an extra bone in my body? its behind my left clavicle. but i'm not ticklish there. actually, when the weather is kinda dreary, sometimes it hurts a bit.

lots of my bones hurt at times, actually. I have bad joints. See, all the joints in my body are too loose. Normal joints nicely roll off eachother. Well, since mine have too much room in between, they pound into eachother. It started with my jaw in junior high. I have TMJ (Tempero Mandibular Joint disfunction). my jaw would lock that i couldnt open it much at all. after therapies, surgeries, etc, its a bit better. not perfect. Every so often it gets stiff and sore. It always clicks and cracks though. I've just learned to live with it.

next was my knee. One day, i woke up, and BOOM-- i couldnt walk. It wasnt a progressive thing. One morning i just couldnt walk. It was awful. I used to exercise A LOT! I think the Tae Boe is what did me in though-- all that jumping back and forth. See, normal knees gently roll off eachother, but mine did not. They pounded into eachother and got really damaged. It didnt help matters that my knee caps were off place (i never noticed!). After therapy and such, i can walk. But, every now and again, they start really hurting. Especially when doing stairs.

Wow, this was random. I went from tickling to climbing stairs.


Abigail S. said...

Yes... very random...

Hey- if you have some time, can you write up some ?'s for my/our blog? Thanks!

Oh, and I'll see you tomorrow 6-ish!

Crazy Me said...

Yikes! I have a very mild case of TMJ but I don't think I will ever have the surgery. No thanks!

Becky L said...

actually, i had laser surgery. it wasnt too bad. they used this laser type thing to get rid of the scar tissue in my jaw-joint.

no, i would never NEVER have the type surgery where they actually break your jaw and re-set it. too risky!!

Clairissa said...

My Dad did ... "THE GETTER!" And then he'd say the getter had a brother (his other hand). We loved it!

I always sad to Reagan, "here comes the ticky monster." He LOVES to be tickled and is VERY ticklish!!

Good times!! :)

Clairissa said...

Spell Check: "say" not "sad" I did not sad to Reagan. ha ha