Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dinner at the Diner

last night, we went out to eat. After a LONG time of deciding where to go, we ended up at this diner place that we've never been before.

it was 6:30 ish, and the place was relatively empty. just some old people.

Erica was in her highchair. She was looking around at everyone. She loves people. This biker-dude came up to us. He was a middle aged guy, with his jeans, black leather jacket, and Harley shirt. He gave Erica $1 to put in her piggy bank (which, actually is a lion-bank, but oh well). He talked about his grandchildren. It was funny.

We ordered our food. I got a shrimp basket, and asked for a side of carrots. Yeah... she brought Onion Rings. Now, i ask you: how do you confuse Carrots with Onion rings? hmmm... I wasnt too happy, b/c since the shrimp was fried, i didnt want another fried food. But, i'm shy about this sort of thing, so i didnt tell her that it was wrong.

Erica is preparing for Thanksgiving. She ate a "Turkey Dinner." its a jar mixture of rice, sweet potatoes, and VERY finely grounded turkey. Though, she didnt eat much last night, cuz she was too busy looking around.

have a happy day, everyone!!! i know i will... Abby is coming over. We're gonna go out tonight for some sister time. I'm gonna get my nephew's birthday present... OOPS! cant say what in case my brother/his wife read this!!


Agnes Mitchell said...

Becky, Dinner out. That's always nice....well at least until Erica starts getting bored. Then it's just work. ;)

As for getting onion rings and being shy about it - I look at it this way: Never settle for food you don't want. Life is just too short.

Lindsey said...

I love seeing babies in restaurants (unless they're crying like crazy). I just love to play with them.

Clairissa said...

I would have been happy to settle for onion rings. I love them and don't get them often cuz they're a no-no!! :)