Monday, April 26, 2010

Sick Days

Poor little Erica is sick again. I feel so bad for her... And for me too! Cuz I'm worried about what's wrong with her.

Not worried per say. It's just that, I have NO IDEA what's wrong with her! She has a fever, though not too high. Around 102.4 or so. At first that was it, but now she's coughing a bunch. Someone suggested that Strepp is going around... but I can't get a good enough look at her tonsils to tell. And besides, she tells me that her throat doesn't hurt. (She had strepp once, awhile ago, and she definitely let me know then that it hurt.)

It started Saturday afternoon with sleeping for hours and then she got the fever. Then Sunday morning she seemed fine, though we stayed home from church anyway. But in the afternoon, she slept so much again and then toward evening got the high fever again. That's when the cough started up. Today (Monday) I kept her home from school, though she seemed totally fine this morning... And yet again, she got sleepy and coughy in the afternoon, and now has her fever back (Though only 101.8).

I really want her to go to school tomorrow. Her class has a field trip to a dairy, where they'll get a tour of sorts and then ICE CREAM! She'll be so sad if she misses it.

So, to take her or not to take her, that is the question.

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