Monday, March 22, 2010

Make-Up Monday Part Two

November 17 was an important day, though I didnt know it until the 18th. Wednesday the 18th I was driving with Erica and she was talking and talking and talking... She likes to talk! And I was zoning out, just saying "Okay, yeah, uh-huh." She was talking about who-knows-what! Anyway, at one point she started saying: "Mommy, do you remember last night when I went to sleep?" Yeah. "Do you remember that I didnt want to pray cuz I was too tired?" Yeah. "And you said that I should pray when you left the room." Yeah. "Well, I asked Jesus into my heart." WHAT!!! That shook my out of my zoning. I wasnt sure if I'd heard that right, so I asked her to say it again. And yup, thats what she had said. It makes me laugh cuz I think: "At least she told me!" Though why she waited until the next night, I'm not sure. But she totally understood what she was doing. And she didnt do it just cuz someone was making her do it. I'm so happy for my little girl.

Then came Thanksgiving. I traveled down to Georgia with my parents for the holiday, to visit family... mainly, my sister. It was so good to see my Abby! And my aunt, uncle, two cousins and their respective families. Got to use a Wii for the first time... now I'm REALLY wanting one.

Good grief, I wish I could remember more. I'm sure lots happened between Thanksgiving and Christmas...

Well, Christmas was hectic, as always. But nice anyway. We had Church on Christmas Eve. Pastor's talk put Erica to sleep. Hehehe. Andrew had been leaning forward, and Erica had been leaning on him. She then fell asleep behind his back! Hehe, he couldnt sit back. He was stuck leaning forward the whole time.

Christmas morning we did the whole tree, presents, Santa thing. Then in the afternoon we went to Andrew's family. We spent afternoon and evening there. Then slept over at my parents' house, because the next day was Christmas celebration with my side of the family. We gals did the tradition of post-Christmas shopping. Each year we go to buy cheap-o decorations.

My sister had been up for Christmas. I'm trying to recall what else we did when she was up, but I cant remember.

Anyway, then one day we went to pick up one of our nephews, Peter. He is Andrew's sister's boy (the middle of 3 boys). Last year we had taken the oldest boy with us to Hershey Park, so this year we took Peter. It was super cold, but not nearly as bad as it had been the first time we were there. Erica and Peter had so much fun! They both were so well behaved and got along, even in the long car rides.

Peter slept over at our house, then the following afternoon we took him back to his house. We stayed the night there, went rollerskating all together which was fun. Overnight it had snowed a bunch, so we got to play outside. I enjoyed spending time with Luke, the youngest. He's about 1 and 1/2. I never really got to be with him much, cuz at all the family gatherings, everyone else wanted to hold the baby. Since he was born until this Christmas, I might have only held him half a dozen times! So I loved spending the two days with him.

We got home from that just in time to turn around and go to Church for the New Year's Eve party. Boy, I was so tired! But we made it until Midnight.

I dont recall much from January. Or February. Oh right... we had TONS OF SNOW! It was awful!!! Erica missed so much school! And she's at the age where that's a bad thing, b/c she absolutely LOVES school.

Her Birthday was in March. Yes, my little baby is FIVE YEARS OLD now!!! Good grief, where have the years gone?!?!? Her birthday was Tuesday March 9th. On the Saturday before it, we had my parents and Andrew's parents and grandparents over to celebrate. It was a Barbie birthday!!!! She got a beautiful dollhouse from one set of grandparents, and Barbies from the other set of Grandparents and great-grandparents. She loves it, and I'll admit: I love playing with Barbies too!!!

Then Monday the 8th we had her party for Church friends. We met at Burger King and I provided lunch, and the kids played for quite awhile. Then we went back to my house for cake and a pinata. It was a beautiful pinata! It was a fish, b/c Erica wanted an Ariel/Little Mermaid theme. The cakes I made for both parties were awesome too. I'll try to add pictures. For one party, I made a castle cake. For the other, I made the ocean with an Island in the middle.

On her real Birthday, she went to a friend's house from school. That was really nice. It was fun talking to another mom and realizing that all the crazy things that Erica comes home to say, Sarah goes home and tells her mom too! Example: They've started saying "Magoo." I have no idea why, and it drives me nuts. Now I know she picked it up from school.

Well, gotta go. Erica wants to have an easter egg hunt!

I'll add pictures later!

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It's so good to have you catching up - I've missed you!