Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I do believe in fairies! I DO! I DO!

We are in love with Disney Fairies. Meaning Erica and me... Not Andrew.

Funny part is that when the Tinker Bell movie first came out, I thought it was ridiculous, cuz in Peter Pan she tries getting Wendy killed. Great gal, huh?

But we're hooked now. We're reading thru the books. The big ones, not the tiny 15 page ones. I think we've read 8 so far, and the first two are HUGE books, 200-300 pages. And since all but 4 of the fairies are not in the movies, I found pictures of the book fairies and printed them out with name and talent... AND I printed a map of Neverland.

I feel like I understand Tinker Bell now. (Yes, that's how pathetic this is, that I feel for a fictional character!) In the first book "Fairy Dust and the Quest for the Egg ," Tink is talking with Mother Dove, and she starts crying about how Peter Pan broke her heart. Awe, poor girl!!!

But I'm hoping she falls in love with Terrence. He's in the books and movies. He really likes her, but she's so caught up in herself that she doesnt seem to notice. He gets brownie points though, b/c in the next book "Fairy Haven and the Quest for the Wand," Terrence uses the wand to make Tink love him... but then realizes that he wants her to love him for him, not b/c of a spell. So he gets the spell reversed. Unfortunately she's still oblivious to him, but I'm holding onto hope.

We have dress up clothes. And tons of toys. Teeny fairies the size of your thumb. And I'm so obsessed that I drew a huge poster of Pixie Hollow, with Home Tree, Mother Dove, Havendish Stream, fairy-dust mill, and more. So we play with them on the board.

Now I've gone too far! I'm getting 2 books from the library... One is an encyclopedia of fairy life. The other is a history of Pixie Hollow.

How absurd!!! I can't believe someone actually wrote them... And even more shocked at how giddy I am to read them!

We started the encyclopedia-type one... And I got teary-eyed when I saw the beautiful picture of the home tree.

Wow, I'm losing it!

Because of this fairy-frenzy we're in, Erica's been watching Peter Pan over and over and over since she's been sick. Not the cartoon version (though I did pick that up from the library today). Its the real people version made in 2003. I actually LOVE it, so I don't mind watching it with her.

I think she's watching "Peter Pan" right now... and I think I'll go join her... and then read more books!


Becky L said...

Gail Carson Levine came out with a NEW fairy book!!!
Its about Wendy's great great granddaughter, who goes to Neverland with Peter. But she spends her time w/ the fairies, helping them trap the evil dragon Kyto!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, this so cool! you must play Pixie Hollow! My daughter (6) love fairies too. You should check out Pixie Hollow. It's beautiful and my little girl LOVES the clothes and housing items!