Friday, March 07, 2008

What have I been up to??? Being sick, that's what

OH MY GOSH! I've been gone forever!!! And I have this big story that I've been meaning to share. But I've come down with a cold now, so I was feeling a bit miserable. But now I need to type and catch up, b/c ERICA'S BIRTHDAY IS THIS WEEKEND! Oh, and I decided to go with a Candyland theme.

I vow never to go to Abby's "International Night" again. Her school's preschool and kindergarten put on a show each year. Each class studies a different country and then does a presentation about it with songs. The last time I went, I got lost in Philly and was pulled over by a police dude on a bike.

This time, I did make it there with no dilema. Erica and I both went; we met Abby at 3:00, when school let out, so that we could help her get her classroom ready. Then we went to Burger King just so that Erica could play in the play area and get her wiggles out.

Back to the school then. My parents showed up too. It was a nice time to see everyone. And Abby and I had planned to leave Saturday morning to drive to Delaware to see my brother's family. So fun! [Oh, important fact: Andrew was gone for the weekend on a men's retreat.]

Well, my tummy felt funny towards the end of Int'l Night. I thought it was just stress. Oh, it was so difficult getting Erica there and keeping her out of trouble!!! [Here's my example story: On the way there, I stopped at Wendy's drive-thru just to pick up something quick to eat. I asked her if she wanted anything. "NO! I wanna go see Abby!" So, I order my nuggets. As soon as I'm done, she screams "I wanna hamburger!" I try explaining that its too late. "I wanna hamburger!" I ask if she wants a chicken nugget. "NO! I wanna hamburger!"]

Erica and I settled into Abby's apartment for the night. I slept on the couch; Erica slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. Abby decided to join the slumber party and slept on the other couch. Oh, it took Erica so long to settle down and fall asleep. I thought she'd never conk out. But she did, thank goodness.

Unfortunately, she woke up at 12:30. Actually, to be accurate, she didn't wake up. She was having a nightmare, to my best guess. She started with some wimpers and worked herself up to full screams. She was pushing her hands over her belly and legs, as if trying to push something away from her. Well, I sat up to pick her up and hold her, when I felt that feeling. You know, the feeling you get right before you have to run to the potty and empty your stomache's contents. So I said "Abby! Take Erica!" And I ran.

By the time I was done, Erica was awake. I asked her if she had a bad dream and she said yes. Not sure she actually knows what a dream is though. I let her sleep on the couch with me then. I felt so bad for her. We got some more sleep... but an hour and a half later she started up again with her nightmare. Same thing happened: I sat up to take care of her and got that funky feeling in my belly. I ran to the bathroom... and Erica woke up out of her dream and ran after me. Not the most fun thing in the world having a kid tugging at you while you're being sick.

When I was done, I walked her back to her sleeping bag... and she proceeded to puke all over it! Luckily I had a trash can nearby, which caught most of it. She wouldnt settle down after that. She just wanted water... which made her sick again.

THANK HEAVENS Abby had a cartoon movie. We played it so that Erica could watch and then doze off to sleep. Somewhere in there I got sick a third time. She was getting sick over and over; I lost count.

My sister was fantastic. She let me sleep while she watched over Erica. And once daylight came, she went to the store to buy us medicine, gingerale, crackers, and some other things. We tried taking it easy; I knew I'd have to drive home eventually, and didn't want Erica or me getting sick in the car. [Yes, unfortunately we were not able to go to Delaware to visit my brother.]

Around noon I ventured home. Erica was so tired from the sleepless night that she dozed off. We spent the rest of the weekend then in bed or on the couch watching movies. Ugh.

To end on a bit of a positive note, Abby's gonna upload a video clip of Erica from the Int'l Night. Kinda cute.


Karen said...

Yikes! What an adventure. I hope everyone is feeling fine now.

silverneurotic said...

Oh man, I hope you are both feeling better now.

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

I hate getting the ickies especially when the kids have the ickies too..I hope you are feeling better now.

Have fun at Erica's Candyland party.

Lizzie's party is tomorrow. We are doing a Princess and Pirate Disco...

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

Oh Im sorry to hear. Hope that you are feeling better!!!

Debbie said...

Yucky - I hate being sick at the same time the kids are, too. I just adds to the misery of it!

As for budgeting, I'm not wild about it, but we really needed to get a handle on our spending. Even though we haven't used a credit card in over a year, it was still way to easy to justify a purchase with our debit cards. Now we just pull out cash that we need when we get paid, and the only time we touch the checking account is for bills. We're new at this but can already tell a big difference.

Hope you're doing well and sorry it's been so long since I've commented!

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Happy birthday, Erica!

I really hope all that sick is gone, gone, and gone. Ugh!

Becky L said...

karen- yes, quite the adventure

silverneurotic- well, I've lost my voice. So not 100% better yet

becky, mom- A birthday at your place too? Sounds fun! We couldn't really do a girly princess theme, b/c all of her friends are boys. But I did buy her princess dress up clothes as a gift

teaching mommy new tricks- thanks for stopping by! I love new readers

debbie- yeah, your post about budgeting did make me a bit guilty. But I do console myself with the fact that I don't make frivolous purchases anymore.

burgh baby's mom- not quite gone, gone, gone yet