Monday, March 31, 2008

Family Night

Okay, so it wasn't a "planned" family night. But amazingly, neither of us had other plans tonight. So the 3 of us had tons of fun.

After dinner, we started playing games. Zingo [so fun!], Memory [Dora themed], and Guess Who.

Then things just got crazy. I'm not exactly sure what started it all. But we had jumping contests. We used Erica's play golf clubs, and put two down on the ground. She had to jump from one to the other, and after each time we moved them farther apart. She made Andrew jump too; and when he got tired, she made me. Then we decided to see how high we could jump. Andrew held one golf club a bit above the ground, and moved it higher and higher. Erica is SO FUNNY! She started tumbling over them, doing funny flips. And then we did the limbo. That I was really bad at. Erica won every time.

Going to bed didn't go as well. Every night, I read to her a few books, then Andrew tucks her into bed, and I sing a few songs with her. Anyway, right now we have books out from the library about monsters. They are so cute! We've read them several times, and she's really liked them. But tonight she seemed to be getting a bit freaked out. Anyway, when we were done reading, I sent her to get Daddy from downstairs. Well, just a minute later I hear her screaming and running back upstairs. Poor Andrew, he had no idea that she was already a bit scared. Well, he jumped out and said Boo and she just flipped out.

But we got her settled down... took about 5 minutes, but it happened. And now she's sleeping.

Good night, everyone!


Don Mills Diva said...

Enjoy your evening Becky!

Corinne said...

Hi! Isn't fun to have such unexpected, crazy nights. I love nights like those. Bummer about the monsters...I have been there and back and we can now all laugh about it!!

Abby, your sis said...

family night sounds like so much fun!

I'll see you tonight- I'm at the 'rents place.

Becky L said...

don mills diva- thanks!

corinne- the odd thing is, she doesn't mind the monster books now at all. She's even been reciting them to me.

abby- It was good to see ya!

Anonymous said...

We've been having trouble with Reagan getting out of bed and reading at nap time. It isn't the worst thing because at least he is having quiet time, but I'm not quite yet ready to let go of naps. So, he gets a spanking as always if he gets out of bed. I had to whack him 2-3 times today before he finally (I think) took a nap. Hey, I needed my nap too! I've been working out like a fiend lately!!!! I'm POOPED!!

P.S. I have guest passes for the rec if you'd ever like to come with us!!!!!!!! :)