Friday, March 28, 2008

Rude or much --AND-- Another front door fiasco

Erica had her swim class again today. She did much better, mainly b/c the water wasn't nearly as cold as last week. Though, she was wearing a shirt on top of her swimsuit to help keep warm. Anyway, she was getting very good at kicking her legs and paddling with her arms.

Afterwards, we went to Weis grocery store. I was VERY disappointed with my visit. I don't think I'll be going back again. First of all, they did not have a very good selection of things. It really surprised me. The kicker was checking-out though. I went to use self check-out. As I was walking up, there was an employee standing there pushing some buttons. But then she walked away. So, I went there to that spot, b/c the others were all occuppied. And as I'm unloading my groceries, another employee came up and said in a very rude tone: "Someone's already here." I looked around, wondering how I could have missed that someone was in front of me. Here, she was talking about the other employee that had been standing there a minute ago. She said something else rude, I can't recall what. But I replied to her: "No one was standing here, and the "aisle open" light is lit up." She didn't even apologize for her rudeness.

Then, as I was checking out at another spot, she wanted to close down that lane too. But she waited. She was standing at the end of the lane; I didn't actually look at her, but I assumed she was bagging my groceries for me. Nope, she didn't. Now, I know that at self-checkout its SELF done and you're supposed to bag your own. BUT, I've been there before that an employee was stationed there to bag groceries for people. This lady just stood there though, being rude.

I was very upset. So I went across the street then to get some coffee at the local cafe. I needed to let off some steam. [Okay, if I'm being honest, I had been planning on going there anyway. But instead of leaving right away, I did sit for awhile and look thru magazines as Erica played with toys. They're kind enough to have toys there for little kids.]


Remember me saying Erica opened the door up for a stranger a few weeks back? Well, here's another fiasco... She pulled out her snow pants-- from LAST YEAR. They only reached down to her calf and was skin tight on her. No shirt, no coat. And put on her high heel dress up shoes. "What was she all dressed up for," I wondered. She was going outside to color with sidewalk chalk-- in the rain! Silly girl!!!


Anonymous said...

I have been a 6-7 different Weis Markets and if there are 2 things they all have in common are rudeness and employees that goof off. It infuriates me when the checkouts are lighted up and there isn't a clerk anywhere around because they are huddled in a group chatting. This has been at every single Weis I have patronized and it seems to be every time I go in. There certainly is not the supervision of employees there should be. And I only notice it at Weis. I've never noticed it at the other grocery stores in which I shop. Love Mom (can't figure out how to sign this)

Karen said...

Thank goodness for coffee shops. Rude employees frustrate me to no end.

Clairissa said...

Ohhh don't even get me started.. I HATE WEIS! WEIS STINKS! They always have old-as-the-hills employees or young, half-dead-looking ones that goof off like someone else said. They're grumpy and everytime I go in there, there's only like 2 people shopping. I wonder how they stay in business. The stores are always laid out soooooo stupid that you can't find anything!!!

GIANT RULES!! Their customer service is awesome, their prices are great, they always have cool special offers and things, and I have NO complaints. Once I even had a pack of diapers that Reagan grew out of, but that I didn't buy at Giant. I called and told the manager this and asked if by chance I could return them to his store, and he said, "Sure!"

Giant has an awesome line of store brand items (organic, health and beauty aids, grocery, meats, etc.). Their meat is excellent and high quality as they actually first started out as the Carlisle Meat Market in the early 1900's. (They've not been affected by any meat recalls of late because they only get the meat from higher-quality places I believe. Giant stands behind their products so much that you get DOUBLE your money back for their produce and bakery itemsif something is wrong with it!!! They'll even give you your money back for items you've opened that are their brand if you're unsatisfied! I've had all these experiences, and they really DO do it!

I've even forgotten to use a coupon before, gone back in a day or two later with my receipt and the coupon, and they still honored it and handed me the money for the coupon!

Did I say I LOVE GIANT?! And did you know that now you can put together your whole shopping list on Giant's website ( before you go? I LOVE IT!

When Rob and I lived in "your town" (don't want to say it on here), we would travel 30 minutes or so to the Giant in L_ _ _ a (did you get that?) just to shop there!!! Fortunately, now that we live in L _ _ _ _ _, we have one 5 minutes away.

Raj said...

The employees do sound rude. Just don't go there anymore and spread the word!

Becky L said...

Mom- I know the ones up your way were bad. But I just thought this one would be better, b/c it was newer and really nice looking.

Karen- YES, yeah for coffee shops!

Clairissa- I just can't seem to justify driving all the way out to L---- for groceries.

Raj- I CAN'T OPEN YOUR WEBPAGE! I keep trying, but it just doesn't happen. So, don't think I'm slighting you. Its not on purpose.

Clairissa said...

Well, do you think the Giant in "my town" is closer? It probably is. Then you could stop in for a visit too! :) I just really LOVE Giant; I think I'd travel half an hour. No, I KNOW I would. I don't like to shop anywhere else, and I've "been around." (ha ha ha)

Raj said...

What? That's sad! Others are able to visit it. Okay, try this direct link to my latest post -