Sunday, January 06, 2008

I wanna be a care bear!

I wanna be a care bear!
Oh it'll be so great to be a care bear!
I can't wait to be a care bear
and do the things that care bears do!
Oh I wanna be a care bear like you!
You do?

That's the opening song to the old care bears DVD's that we have. I love it. So fun to sing. But it poses a good question... DO YOU wanna be a care bear? And which one?

Funshine- He loves to joke around and have fun
Wish bear- She loves relaxing and daydreaming.
Grumpy- He can be a grouch, but does like to help others
Love-a-lot - Loves to fly a kite on a perfect afternoon
Cheer bear- She likes to make her friends smile
Friend Bear- She loves painting beautiful pictures
Birthday Bear- Loves parties and celebrating with others
Tenderheart Bear- He loves spreading love and telling others that he loves them
Share Bear- She loves to share while playing with her friends [not shown; is a purple bear with two lolipops on her belly]
Good Luck Bear- He likes hoping for something good to happen
Bedtime Bear- Happiest when he's snug in bed and having a sweet dream
If I could be a care bear, I'd want to be Wish Bear. I'm happiest when I'm relaxing and day dreaming. Thinking up a novel is a type of daydreaming, is it not?


Your sis said...

I wanna be bedtime bear. My favorite place in the world is my bed- I love to sleep.

Your little link to care bear games killed me last night! I was online playing for over an hour!

I liked the book bit that you emailed me. Is it too late to call you at 11:30?

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

Alexis is Funshine Bear all the way. I wish I were Bedtime Bear, but life just doesn't work that way.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I'd be Grumpy.

It's so funny that the Care Bears came back, I used to watch them when I was little...along with Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, etc.

'liya said...

Aww Share Bear isn't in the picture! I like her :D

Becky L said...

sister- i WAS awake then, and we did in fact talk. thanks for the book input

burgh baby's mom- it really would be nice if we could all be bedtime bear. I'd be lovin' it

silverneurotic- I used to watch Rainbow Brite too. She hasn't really come back much. Strawberry sure has though; Erica loves her.

'liya- yeah, no share bear.

Latoya said...

This was one of my favortie shows to watch as a child. I was just picking up some books yesterday for my little niece about the care bears. I think my favorite ones are Tenderheart Bear and Cheer Bear. Good post!!!