Friday, January 04, 2008


I was reading Corinne's blog; she loves to knit. It gave me the sudden urge to pick up my crocheting. Its been months since I've done it. And I totally forget what I'm doing. The pattern is complex, and I'm at a loss for what all of the directions and abbreviations mean.

I think I've got it now. I finished two rows of my blanket.

Then I worked on my book. Yup, my book is coming along. I'm loving what I'm writing. I really hope that someday it can be published. I just need to finish it first. Who has the time, really? Now with my wireless internet, it might be easier, b/c I keep my laptop upstairs.

Speaking of laptop, earlier today Erica and I were downstairs and she was watching a movie on my laptop. While she did, I exercised. *GASP* Quite amazing. I used her trampoline, which really gets the heart rate going and is good for legs. Anyway, then I did other stuff too. I didn't time myself, but probably added up to 45 minutes. Need to do this more often and make it a hobby!

Good night!


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

It's great to be so productive isn't? I hope you are able to keep everything up, especially on the book front.

crazy working mom said...

Can you teach me?! I've always wanted to learn.

your sis, too lazy to log in said...

Are you going to take up sewing, too? I kind of mentioned it to Donna.

Agnes Mitchell said...

Hi Becky!! Wow! You're one multi-tasking Mommy these days, huh? I'd love to see a pic of the crocheting. I've let mine go slack and need some motivation to pick it back up. GL with that book. I know it will be great!
As for exercise, what a great idea with the trampoline! Good for you!
Maybe you and Erica can trampoline together. :)
Lots of love and hugs and hope for great things,

Corinne said...

OMG-that's so exciting your crocheting-a blanket!! You will have to post pictures for me to see. I love those little trampolines, aren't they great!! I am also very excited about your book. I hope this year finds you with lots and lots of spare time to work on it!

Becky L said...

silver- I'm always too lazy to spell out your name. Okay... Silverneurotic- Yeah, I hope I stay productive, esp with the book

crazy working mom- I'd be a terrible teacher! I'm kinda making this up as I go.

Abby- yeah... I need to talk to you about that.

Agnes AND corrine- I hope to post a pict soon. I did take one, with Erica sitting on it.