Thursday, January 03, 2008


I'm in the process of posting Christmas pictures. So far, only three have made it up.

Click here to check them out

[Shown here: Erica and me jumping on her 'fumpawine' at my parents' house.]


Latoya said...

Hi Becky,

Thanks for stopping by.

It seems your little one had fun.

Happy New Year to you and your Family as well.


Raj said...

So you finally got your internet connection fixed! Sometimes small things can cause big problems.

Nice Pics.

And Happy New Year!

crazy working mom said...

Love the jumping picture! :)

your sis said...

How come there are no pics of me. Don't be a hater!

Becky L said...

latoya- thanks!
raj- I still occassionally have problems with it. But nothing major like before
crazy working mom- you like the pict? good!
sister- lazy girl, don't sign into your blogger account!! Sorry, I'll add a picture of you soon. But like i was saying, its being difficult with me. Normally I can just get one pict uploaded and then it wacks out. I just did the care bear pic, but I'll try to do yours next