Tuesday, December 04, 2007

What a pretty tree [with short update]

As promised, a picure of our Christmas tree.

Isn't it teeny-tiny?

Don't have much time to write today. Or the will-power.

[Reindeer added as my December 5th "Advent Picture." Erica and I went out to look at the decorated houses around our neighborhood, and some of them had reindeer set up. ALSO-- I just changed my sidebar headings. You know, the "about me; about this blog; Links to follow; etc." What do you think about it? Too different?]


Crazy Working Mom said...

That is a pretty little girl, and the Christmas tree's nice too. ;)

Tisha @ Crazy Working Mom.

Becky L said...

awe, thanks

Raj said...

I like the tree. I've wanted a Christmas tree for a long time. May be I would get a small tree for myself this year. And ya, I missed Erica digging in. That was funny! :D

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I like the new sidebar headings. I really like the drop-down for archived posts. I might have to steal that little bugger. :-)

I love the teeny-tiny tree! When I was working at Disney World, my roommates and I had trees just like that. We each had one and decorated them all differently. We called it our "itty-bitty" Christmas (you have to say "itty-bitty" like Genie in Aladdin when he's talking about the big, powerful genie living in the itty-bitty lamp). That was a fun Christmas!

Abigail S. said...

Wow- that IS a small tree. Cute, though.

Becky L said...

My sister keeps making fun of my tree!!!

Its C-U-T-E !!!