Saturday, December 01, 2007

Random Holiday Picture #1

So, I got this idea from Smalltown RN-- List random things about yourself in relation to the holidays. She put seven of them in one post... but it gave me the idea to do one each day until Christmas. Like my very own advent calendar. Each day I'll post a little picture about the holidays, with a little holiday cheer to go with it.

[One main reason is that I was looking through cliparts and recoloring them to match my blog, in hopes to make another holiday background... but couldnt quite seem to put together anything that I liked as much. So now I have a way to use them. ]

I love my Zwinky. Last year I had my Holiday Zwinkies, an elf and santa gal. This year, I've redone them. They look basicly the same, but with a few minor changes.

So, my question is: Are you more like Santa -OR- an elf?


Crazy Working Mom said...

I'm Santa around here for sure!

Merry Christmas! :)

Raj said...

Ah! Haven't commented in a while so I'll just comment on the last few posts together. About the postcard pics, I liked the one by the bad photographer the most. Looked natural!

I have never played Uno but something similar to it. The videos were good!

And I like the santa girl zwinky.

Corinne said...

I am more like an elf. You know, the little helper and boy are they cute :)

Anonymous said...

crazy working mom- being a santa is a great thing!

Raj- what? No comment about Erica 'digging for a puppy dog?'

corinne- I think I'd say I'm more like an elf too. My reason: They do lots of the background work and don't get near the appreciation as Santa does. [Boy, I'm pessimistic!]

Becky L said...

I'm not anonymous!

A bunch of crazy chickens said...

so cool...i would be an elf I think or santa if i could redesign the outfit!

hey you guys should check out these hilarious video cards! I love the ones for Christmas!!