Saturday, December 01, 2007

I'm digging for a puppy dog

No, not digging in the garden...

I love Christmastime. I think I'm starting to love it more than Fall [which is quite amazing]! I think its because of Erica. I like to 'teach' the seasons and holidays to her, which includes lots and lots of books. And movies too.

I went a little crazy the other night on the library's website, requestings lots of kid and adult Christmas books. Now we have them all in, and we've been reading like crazy. Its just so much fun. I'm so excited.

We always read three books before bed. [I've had to limit it, or we could read for an hour without her boring of it.] Last night while I was reading a Strawberry Shortcake Christmas book, she was really picking at her nose. I stopped reading and proclaimed "What are you digging for?!?"

To which she replied: "I'm digging for a puppy dog."

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Abby, too lazy to log in said...

you just made mom and dad laugh their patooties off! Me too, of course!