Saturday, December 08, 2007

Play-dates are FUN

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FIRST OF ALL-- WHERE HAVE I BEEN??? I haven't posted since Tuesday?

I hate coming home and seeing no messages on my machine. It makes me sad; feeling unwanted. Boo hoo. So if anyone ever wants to call and leave me a message, go ahead. Oh wait-- most of you people don't have my number. Oh well. Its the thought.

So, that is a lead-in to my post topic. I love play-dates. So fun. Getting together with other mom[s] to have fun and let our kids have fun.

Well, Clairissa came over on ... when was it even? Thursday. She brought her son Reagan, whome Erica "loves." Meaning, she loves to talk about him, pretend to be on the phone with him, look at his pictures, send him mail.

But when they're together-- boy can they fight! They were okay at the begining, but towards the end, it was brutal. A lot of that was cuz Erica woke up at 7 AM and was getting really tired.

We played with playdough. Made "cookie" ornaments. "Painted" with water. Played randomly. Had lunch. Bunch of stuff. It was fun.

Enjoy the movie clip!


Burgh Baby's Mom said...

I couldn't even tell you the last time someone actually called our house and left a message. Maybe we should exchange numbers so that we can just leave a random "hello" for one another.

Play-doh is the best!

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

I'll leave you a 'e' phone message:

Hey Becky, It's me Becky just calling to say hi and see what you are doing...Talk to you later.

I don't like it when no-one calls me either...and that's a lot.

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

You know what I forgot to say...LOVE the holiday design on your blog...

Corinne said...

The sidebar headings look really good. The video is so funny. "Do you like to play together?". No response. Hilarious. My kids are always like that. The IDEA of a playdate makes them so happy and then halfway through it and they are fighting like crazy. Oh well, the joys of toddlerhood!!

Mom said...

Maybe you should be thankful no one leaves you messages. It could be like the one Gramy left us about when she was sick. Ooooh! don't go there!

Toy bin looks nice - you were a busy girl!

Becky L said...

B.B. Mommy- playdoh is great, i know.

Becky- Awe, thanks for the message!
And thanks for the nice comments about my sidebar

corinne- thanks for the nice comments about my sidebar. And, its kinda nice hearing that my kid isnt the only one

mom- thanks for the toy bins! Yeah, I am busy. [For those confused, look under "my recent pictures."]