Monday, October 15, 2007

Makeup Monday is rather late today

Its been quite a week! Everything building up to this weekend's 2 big events. And now I'm worn out. I was rather lazy today... not really the best thing, but I was just plum tuckered out. [What a crazy saying]

This past week I was working on getting Japan stuff put together for a friends' presentation. And Andrew was putting together an Ultimate Frisbee tournament for the community [though we had people come from all over, even Harrisburg]. Needless to say, we were busy. I talked to my MIL today and made the comment that Andrew and I "didn't really have time to talk last week." Very true.

Friday was the trip to Strasburg Railroad. [See previous post.] It really went well; we had a great time. Across the street from the place is a train museum of sorts. There are lots of old trains on display and you can walk through some of them. Since it was a really cold day out, the museum was a good place to spend our time before our train ride came up.

The ride lasted about 45 minutes. If had been a bit shorter, it probably would have been better; the kids started to get a bit antsy towards the end. But they were so thrilled when it started. The 'choo-choo' sounds, the chugga-chugging of the train, the conductors collecting the tickets-- it was so much fun for them.

Erica went home with my mom and dad that night; Abby stayed over at my house to help me finish with my Japan stuff. We first stopped at the local Movie Gallery-- ONLY TO FIND that its going out of business! So we couldn't rent a movie... only buy. But, the cost was about the same, so we spent ONE AND A HALF HOURS looking around the store for movies to buy. We decided that we'd make it birthday presents to each other [just as a nice way to rationalize it to my husband... oops, did I just say that?!? Don't tell.]

I only got 3 and 1/2 hours of sleep that night... we stayed up watching movies and working. I had to leave early then to join Andrew at the frisbee tournament. I really wasn't thrilled about the idea of having to go... but it ended up being a lot of fun. I'm glad I was there. I helped keep score, which was easy enough [except for when I got caught up in conversation with my friend Steph who was taking pictures].

From there, I left to pick Erica up at my parents' house. Its an hour drive, and I must admit: I almost caught up on an extra hour of sleep. No, I didn't really fall asleep driving, but it was very difficult. I thus decided to take a nap at their house before returning home. It was much needed and really paid off... but I was late getting home. I got home at 5:45 but had to get to my 'japan' meeting by 6:00. Quite a rush! But I got there only a tad bit late; we spent the evening setting up decorations and preparing/cooking for a Japanese meal that we'd be serving the following afternoon.

Fact: Did you know that sushi DOES NOT EQUAL raw fish? In fact, most sushi doesn't contain fish. The general concept of it is just rice wrapped in seaweed... but you can put anything else inside the roll. We opted for carrots and cucumber. But, I still didn't like it. It wasn't terrible / didn't make me want to run for the toilet. But I don't think I'll be eating it again.

I almost forgot my good news-- My laptop is fixed! I'm using it right now. I'm finding it difficult to readjust again to the keyboard, but my fingers will get the hang of it again soon. I haven't let Erica anywhere near it; I've been keeping it downstairs on my desk. In a few days, I'll attempt to take it upstairs with me. I did buy her a really cheap toy laptop. Its really cheezy, and I'm not sure if she'll fall for it or not. But its worth the try.

Well, I suppose I'll be going now. My hands are crying out for lotion; they're feeling very dry and on verge of driving me nuts.


crazy working mom said...

Great news about your laptop! :)

Was it covered under warranty?

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Yum, I love sushi. Haven't had any for of my cousins used to make some for family parties.

Clairissa said...

What's with the Japan thing? If you need any help, let me know. I'm no expert, but I've been there and we host Japanese students, as you probably already know. And I know a teeny bit of the language.