Thursday, October 11, 2007

Winnie the Booh-hoo-hoo

Yes, I cried while watching Winnie the Pooh. I'm so lame.

Every week, we visit the Library to get movies and books for Erica. They really have a good selection of movies for kids and adults. Anyway, this week Erica picked out Winnie the Pooh's Grand Adventure.
In the beginning, Christopher Robin is trying to tell Pooh some sad news... he's going to be going away. But Pooh doesnt want to listen and denies any notion of it.
C.R.-- What if there ever came a tomorrow when we were not together?
W.P.-- That day would never come, because without you I'd be lost.
C.R.-- But we...
W.P.-- Yes, we. Because without 'we,' we would not be.
And the tears start coming! I felt so foolish, but it was so sad! Christopher Robin was going to be leaving, and they both would be so lost without eachother! Pooh never gave Christopher a chance to fully explain himself... I knew that he was going to start school; but with all the drama, I was thinking he'd be going off to boarding school or something. And they'd be apart for months!!!
Well, the next morning they discover him missing and go on a big search; he shows up at the end, having just been gone for the morning/afternoon. But, I did cry again towards the end. I'm a wuss.
* * *
Moving on... I'm very busy this week. I can't believe its Thursday already! I have some friends who will be moving out to Japan in the near future; I'm helping them put together a presentation... and that means lots of work. Its fun and I'm enjoying it; but I'm busy nonetheless.
Friday-- is that tomorrow already?!?!?-- my mom, SIL and her 2 kids are coming over and we're gonna go to the Strasburg Railroad. I'm excited about that. Its always nice to have Erica and her cousins together, and going on a train ride will be so much fun to watch! I can't wait to see their expressions.
I need to sign-off now. I want to try to read other blogs quickly before Erica wakes up.


Corinne said...

Your are so funny. I might have cried, too!! I see that you are up just as early as I am. Hopefully it is as quiet at your house, as it is at mine at this hour!! Have fun tomorrow. :)

Special K ~Toni said...

A train ride does sound fun!

crazy working mom said...

Gosh, I cry just about every time I watch a Disney movie! I'm such a sap! I've seen this movie before. It's a good one. I'm sure I cried the first time I watched it too. *LOL*

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I'd have probably cried too. I cried at the end of Ice Age. LOL!

Anyway, that railroad is fun. I've been once or twice with my's a nice little adventure for the little ones.

Spider Girl said...

Hi Becky!

That's really deep dialogues for Winnie the Pooh, very sweet. :)

Thanks for stopping by my main blog is Spider in the Bathtub, the one you visited about the pilgrimage trip across Spain I'm actually putting together for my mom.

Heh, she wanted a place for her photos but she's a little bit internet-challenged so I'm doing it (slowly) for her.

Raj said...

Hmm, there are only 2-3 movies that have made cry so far! And Winnie the Pooh isn't one of those :)

Crazy Me said...

Too funny. I don't think I've ever cried at Winnie before.

Becky L said...

corinne- yeah, I got up when Hubby did and just had decided to stay up & blog

toni- oh, it was really fun [details coming]

crazy working mom- awe, its nice to see another crying mom out there.

silver- Oh, you've been?!?! Neat. Yeah, its great for little ones

spider girl- yup, very deep for pooh bear

raj- golly, I'm not sure if I could even cound how many movies I've cried during. It doesnt take much. I just recently watched "The New World" and bawled my eyes out. It was such a good movie. THough, when I told my sister how good it was, she said that she'd seen it and thought it was the worse movie ever.

crazy me- i suppose most people havent cried at winnie the pooh.