Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Long time, no see

So, its been quite awhile since I've shared pictures. Here we go...
We've recently decorated for fall. I love fall; it's my favorite season! I love Halloween! So much fun. [Yes, some people may consider me a pagan. Oh well.]
Erica painted a pumpkin; its a HUGE
thing! Once it dried, I drew a face on it with blue permanent marker. Its now setting outside with some other little gourds.
I put up a spiderweb and little spiders on our front door. [I covered the house number with a white piece of paper; I'm sure you understand my cautiousness of sharing that on the Web.] Andrew made the spiderweb a few years back, and I was surprised to actually find it still with the other decorations. Erica and I then made the spiders... Well, she didn't really help that much; just picked out the colors to use.
Our window is also decorated. I hung leaves around the border of the window; Erica did help me with that. A fall-colored table clothe is on the windowsill, and I have a ghost ceramic there. It has an orange light inside, and I turn it on at nighttime. I love this thing; it was my parents' while growing up. They were kind enough to let me take it.
The last picture then is of Erica jumping in the leaves. She's been having fun with that.

* * *

I've had a very long, tough day. I've been on this computer for almost two hours, just to "get away." I think I shall go out tomorrow night. Sound good??? Yup, sure does!


Raj said...

Nice pictures!! I like the spiderweb. And congrats on getting your laptop fixed. But I am pretty sure Erica won't be content with her toy laptop. She would most definitely want the real one. :)

'liya said...

Very cute pictures! I like the pumpkin too :D

Corinne said...

Oh, I love the pictures. Did I tell you how adorable Erica is?!! I love Halloween. The decorating and the cooler weather. Although, here in San Diego, we can only enjoy the cooler weather in the morning and again later in the evening!! I know of some people who open all the doors and windows and then put the fireplace on!! How funny is that!!

Becky L said...

raj- I'm afraid you're right; she's not gonna be content with the fake one

'liya- thanks!

corinne- Yeah, some one else who loves Fall!!!

Debbie said...

She is sooo big! Oh my goodness, I hardly recognized her. We are painting pumpkins this week, too; messy hands (and bodies!) here we come!


Becky L said...

debbie- yeah, Erica painted "a la buff"

crazy working mom said...

Great job, girls! :)

I love that smile.