Monday, October 01, 2007

Make-Up Monday-- and I'm gonna actually talk about makeup

I remember when I brought back Make-Up Mondays, a reader was afraid that I was actually going to talk about makeup. No, I do not refer to that kind of makeup, but rather catching up on what I've missed from BloggerWorld over the weekend.

Well, today I'm going to talk about makeup. The face kind.

Right now, I'm part of a small ladies' group, and we're going through a book called Captivating. Its absolutely fantastic; talks about the heart of a woman. Anyway, this past lesson was about "wounds." Things that happened to us in the past that have hurt us and continue to haunt/affect us today.

So, here's just one I thought of... I'm OBSESSED with makeup. Even on days that I plan to just stay at home with Erica and not go out at all, I'll put makeup on. Mascara and all. If by some reason I do go out without any on, I'm scared the whole time that I'll run into someone I know and they'll see me all 'ugly.' And I even used to work at a makeup/perfume store, and also looked into becoming a Mary Kay salesperson.

Why the obsession with makeup? When I was younger, my sister and I went on a trip with some other kids our age. And in the mornings, the girls spent so much time putting on their makeup, and made fun of us that we didnt use any.

Yeah, we came home and our mom took us out right away to pick some out.

WELL, now its time to read other blogs. Unfortunately, Erica chose this very momment to wake up from her nap. I'm not gonna do spellcheck; hopefully there arent many errors.


Special K ~Toni said...

I haven't wore make up in days! Maybe tomorrow...

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

My sisters are the same way with makeup. Me, never really could be bothered. I'll put on some if I am going out and I want to look a bit nicer but for work or "normal" days I just get a shower and do what I gotta do.

'liya said...

I used to love makeup in high school (my mom only let me begin wearing it in grade 9) but over the years I found myself wearing less and less.. now I only wear eyeliner (because of lazyness and also because the other stuff just doesn't interest me anymore).

On the weekend I went for a pre-makeup bridal application to see how it would look and it made me look like a completely different person. They did an amazing job (I'd never gotten my makeup done before) and I actually found myself thinking "wow, I look really nice!" I felt like a model! After I came home however, my face felt reeaaally heavy and I ended up washing it all off because I wasn't used to the feeling. Now if only I could look that way naturally .. *sigh*

Corinne said...

Hey there! Make-up, yeah, who needs it. Apparently, alot of us THINK we do. I'm sure we don't look as bad as we think! Yeah, you-tube, gotta love it! See you soon :)

Crazy Me said...

I am so not a make up wearer. A little mascara and I'm a happy girl.

Spider Girl said...

Back in high school I dressed all in black and put on half a ton of pale makeup, red lipstick and black eyeliner.

Now I'm lucky if I put on a bit of mascara. I really don't miss it a bit.

The only time I really obsess about my makeup is if I'm going to be dancing and need stage makeup (I'm part of a bellydance troupe)OR if my friends and I are taking wild and crazy photos of ourselves.

Although the latest photos of ourselves were of us in photo-shopped clothes from the 1800's and for those ones (on my blog post a couple days back) we had to wash off every scrap of modern makeup.

Becky L said...

Wow, I guess I'm alone in the makeup department

Toni- oh, thats okay

silver- thats a much faster daily routine than mine

'liya- Yeah, if only we could all look that way naturally

corinne- you're right in saying "we don't look as bad as we think we do."

crazy me- i LOVE mascara.

spider girl- thanks for stopping by. Always good to get a new reader