Friday, September 07, 2007

Go Grumpy, Go Grumpy, Its your birthday! Go Grumpy ... and other current items

First, I'd like to forewarn: my new blog template will be coming very shortly.

I went to the Dr yesterday [which was quite an ordeal b/c I took Erica w/ me]. Anyway, the Dr decided that I needed to get my blood taken & tested. Which was fine with me, b/c I really don't mind it at all. Erica was very good sitting still during that, which made me happy. What DIDN'T make me happy was the nurse. I have very small veins. So, I always have blood drawn thru my hand, not arm. Well, this nurse thought she knew better and thought I was ridiculous. She tested my veins and said: "They're not small at all! I can get this." Yeah, I have a huge 'bruise' on my arm now; she burst the vein while trying. I'm really really mad. Its rather hard during the summer to hide a huge bruise like this.
-Erica is in love with the Care Bears. For awhile it was Strawberry Shortcake. Then Elmo / Sesame Street. Then Bob the Builder. And now Care Bears. Well, we have one movie right now from the library; its the original Care Bears Movie. Its kinda cute. But the best part is towards the end; the care bears all get up and sing a song and dance around. OH MY WORD! Its so cute-- Erica and I dance around the room with them. Its so much fun. Throughout the song, Grumpy Bear acts like he's hating the whole thing. He has a scowl on his face and only dances half-heartedly. But at the very end of it, he steps aside from everyone so they cant see him-- and then starts dancing up a storm! I say: "Go grumpy! Go grumpy! It's your birthday! Break it down now!" So much fun.

[An aside note: I gave that link above for the care bears main website. Yeah, I'm not happy. Its new-and-approved. As a part of that, they changed all of the games. They got rid of the only one that Erica could really play. It was a find-the-bear kinda thing. There were four clouds. And you had to guess which cloud the bear was hiding behind. So Erica would point to a cloud and I'd click it. Very simple.]
I'm getting my hair cut today. Nothing major; just thinned out and trimmed. But I'm really excited. I finally found a hairdresser that does a perfect job with my hair.
Well, I guess I need to go now. Tons of stuff to do. Bye!


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

Having needles in your hands hurts worse...perhaps she was just trying to help...some nurses (like my mom) are really good at that, and if they've had experience with small kids and babies they might have thought it would be no big deal.

'liya said...

I love your new template!!!! Very cute!

crazy working mom said...

I LOVE it! :)
The new template is awesome.

Clairissa said...

So funny, Reagan loves the Care Bears too! He has a DVD that he got from his Grandma M. that has two espisodes on it, and we also watch the new Care Bears movie when it's on TV (The Care Bears in Jokealot).