Friday, August 31, 2007

A little bit of this, a little bit of this

A bit of daily inspiration: Persevere! Even the snail made it to the ark!

I laughed my butt off [not literally, which is unfortunate] when I read that. Erica asked: "What is it? What happen?" I told her, and she said: "That funny!" Even though I'm sure she didn't get it at all.

So, the days have been full of occurrences.

In my post Wednesday, I mentioned that I would be taking Erica to have her picture taken. Yeah... didn't happen. She woke up Thursday morning and was BURNING UP! She was so hot... took her temperature and it was 102.1 F, not good at all! She was so lethargic all day. She just wanted me to hold her and to watch TV. Well, and play her computer game. [It really is a great program. Its a Jump Start artist cd. A trial version comes as the toy/prize right now at Chik-fil-a. I'm tempted to go back just to get another version: explorers, languages, & Animal Adventures. She can't play the games herself, but with my help she can have lots of fun. A lot of the things deal with coloring/drawing... so I ask her what colors she wants, what patterns, etc. And she's thrilled to watch the 'movies' then with her own artwork in it. There's also a part in it that helps her learn her shapes. She's really starting to know most of them. Well, not parallelogram, trapeziod, or other confusing ones. Wow, I've really digressed from my original text.]

I felt so bad for her during her nap Thursday afternoon. Every half-hour she would wake up murmuring and moaning. Poor girly.

That night was kinda boring. For her and me, anyway. Andrew went out with his dad to an Eagles football game. It was just a pre-season game, but still a fun opportunity for him. Since he didn't get home until approx 1:00 AM, he took off Friday [today]. He had some projects and things to do and spent the morning/afternoon with those things.

Erica woke up without a fever. She was actually rather cool. She was in a great mood and had lots of fun playing; Andrew even took her to the park in the afternoon. She came home for a nap, and when she woke up around 4:00, she had a high fever again. Around 101.7 F... not good either. She acted fine though. [Until bedtime, when she was really feeling it.] I called her pediatrician... can you believe that they close at 4 on a Friday?!?! I think that's ridiculous. So, I have to wait until tomorrow morning to take her in.

Andrew and Erica had a daddy/daughter night while I went out for some coffee. Okay, I didn't really go out for the coffee, but for some quiet time to work on my book. It's getting along-- I'm at 45 pages, which translates into about 70 pages 'real book' length. [Yes, I'm lame. I took a regular sized book and typed out an entire page in order to see how it compares in length to my Word document & style of typing.] There's still lots to go; I've barely gotten to the good/main part of the book.

ANYWAY, I went out to work on it. But I've got writers' block. Here's my last sentence: "The cab pulled up to the gallery." UGHHH, I just don't know what to write yet. And I'm afraid, b/c I could easily just write down words, but it may not be good. Does that make sense? I can write anything, but it could be total crap if I don't write it well.

Adding to the frustration is the fact that I couldn't focus. The first place [yes, meaning I went to more than 1 place] was a small coffee shop in my town. Its very nice and convenient for a quick latte or cappuccino. [They aren't that good though, in comparison to starbucks.] The place was TOO QUIET though and I couldn't concentrate. In college, I was the kind of person who worked best on homework and assignments while my music was blaring; it helped me concentrate better. If there isn't a lot of noise, then every little sound distracts me. So, b/c this coffee place was small and empty, every little thing distracted me. I sat there for 30+ minutes just tapping my pen. Finally, I had enough and said: "FINE, I'm going to Barnes and Noble."

I always do great work at B&N. Its so loud there, I love it! The espresso machines are constantly going, there's music overhead, lots of people are moving around and talking. It's pure heaven to my mind. BUT WOULDN'T YOU KNOW IT, there were no open tables. So, I walked around a little bit; picked up two books for Erica, only $3.50 each. I went back to the sitting area and no seats were open; looked around more, etc etc etc. No tables ever opened up.

My whole night was in vain. The only highlight was buying those books for Erica and getting a pumpkin spice latte.

So, my question still remains: What do I write next? Saying "We got out of the cab" just doesn't seem good enough. UGGHHH!


Becky L said...

I just spent so much time writing this and then reading other blogs... and now I'm about to write a new post. Golly.

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

It's just the first it doesn't really matter if a certain paragraph is total crap. You can go back and fix it. Just write something, anything to get over that little road block and I'm sure that you'll be right back in the groove of things.

crazy working mom said...

So, how is she feeling today? I hope the poor dear just had some sort of 24 hour thing and is feeling much better. Those high fevers scare me.

'liya said...

Hope she's feeling better!

If I hear people speaking or music playing, I often concentrate on those sounds or begin listening to people's conversations and forget what I'm supposed to be doing. So, one thing that helps is to be around people that speak a different language - because you don't know what they're saying, youjust focus on your own stuff. That's my useful university studying tip! I used to study in the library beside groups of international students so I had no clue what they were talking about and always got my work done quickly :D