Monday, July 30, 2007

Motherhood Joys

Many of my posts of late have been focused on me... not my daughter. I thought it was about time to write about her.

Quite awhile ago [a tad over 2 yrs ago], I wrote about "motherhood joys." She was still very much a baby now. And today, she's very much a little girl. So the joys are totally different. Here are a few:

1) One of my favorite moments is when I go in to get her up from sleeping. We haven't seen each other for several hours, and we're both so excited to be together again! She gives me a huge hug, and I [playfully] toss her around on her bed.

2) Cooking together can be messy-- but its also a lot of fun. We made corn pie the other day, and it was the first time she ever used a rolling pin. Of course she wasn't able to get the pie dough rolled out very well, but she had fun trying.
3) She's so proud of herself when she makes something. Last week, we made a BIG sign for Andrew that said: "We [heart] Daddy!" She colored and added stickers to it, and then we hung it in the front window so that he [and everyone passing by] would see it. She was so excited about it. She ran to Andrew when he came home and kept pointing to it while saying: "I made that for you!" It melted my heart, and I'm sure it gave Andrew great joy too.
4) Number 3 leads me to this. It's not necessarily about Erica but... I love watching Andrew and Erica together. There are certain things that are just "Erica and Daddy" things, which makes it more special for her. Ex: He'll walk down to the creek with her and they'll go creek-walking together. Sure, she comes home all wet, but she has a blast with her daddy.
5) Dancing! Oh my, how she can dance! She absolutely loves to dance. Sometimes she'll even dance when there's no music. Yesterday, my parents came over and we went out for lunch all together. While we were out, Erica started to lift her arms up over her head in a circle and bring them back down. My mom asked what Erica was doing, and I had to think a bit... Then I realized that she was hula dancing! We have a Mickey Mouse sing-along video, and one song has hula dancers. One of the lines is something about the rising sun, and it was that motion that she was imitating. ... Other times, she goes all-out with her dancing: jumps, twirls, shakes, etc.

Well, that's it for now. I'm getting frustrated typing, so I'm gonna stop. [Andrew changed the computer mouse to one of those laser-types. Well, it moves SO FAST and is making it difficult for me.]


~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

I'm pretty sure you can change the speed of the mouse, though, I'm not sure exactly how to. If you had to install software for the mouse it might be wear you can change the settings.

Crazy Me said...

Ugh ... computer issues suck. Your daughter sounds adorable.

Becky L said...

silverneurotic- I'll have to figure that out.

crazy me- yeah, I'm not always a fan of computers. But what would we do without them???