Sunday, July 17, 2005

motherhood joys

there are cool things about babies.

1. the way they laugh. it takes so long for them to get to the point where they can begin laughing. but now she can. and whenever she laughs, it just puts me to awe. and makes me happy.

2. when she wakes up in the mornings, she's half talking/ half crying. when i come in and open the blinds, she stops making noise and just looks around, like thinking "Somethings up!" then, i say "Hi erica!" and she turns her head to me and just smiles!!! oh, i love it.

3. seeing her play with her toys. again, this goes to the developemental thing. when she was newly born, she couldnt do anything. if you gave her a toy, it just sat there on her lap. now, she grasps things, puts them in her mouth, shakes them, tosses them. its great.

4. bath time! i love the way she furrows her brow in concentration, staring at her feet, and makes them kick, kick, kick in the water. its hillarious. i get soaked, though. yup. water gets all over me, the counter, and the floor. but thats ok. she has fun. and afterwards, she smells oh so yummy!!

5. her smooth skin. its nice and soft. (though, today i noticed that she has hairy legs. kinda funny. my husband joked that we should shave it, but i think its a bit soon.)

well, there's five. there are many many more.

but five is enough for today.

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