Friday, July 15, 2005

To shop or not to shop... that is the question

So, my daughter is in this funk. She likes to sleep! All the time. Well, not all the time. She eats every three hours. But, after being awake 1 or 1 1/2 hours, she wants to sleep. Maybe just for 30-45 minutes, but still she wants to sleep. She'll whine, complain, and start to cry if i dont put her in her crib. OH, and it HAS TO BE HER CRIB! which is ok, unless its a day like today.

I like to go shopping. Its no surprise. I'm a girl... girls shop (well, most do). And today, i had a good-tootin' reason to shop. I had to buy a present. Well, she was ok for the most part while at the store. This is my strategy: feed her and RUN to the mall/store/wherever. Hopefully i can be quick enough to get home before her fuss time begins. It doesnt always work though.

Today was one of those days. BECAUSE, after shopping i came up to my parent's house. Which was about 45 minutes from the store i was at. SO, though she was ok for shopping, she wasnt for the drive.

SO... i arrive and she's CRYING! though she did stop long enough to give Grandpa a smile. She ate, but was still moody. I had to eat something, so i put her in a swing. well, she fell asleep.


but... i didnt want to move her, cuz it would wake her up! so, her nap was short b/c she was in a swing. (Really, do you like sleeping for long periods of time in a chair? I know i'd rather be laying down.) So, she awakened earlier. (Someone tell me... is awakened grammatically correct?)

More fussing. So, we played together. It was fun. I have good times with my daughter. We exercise together! I've gotten into Pilates, so we do that together. (in a future blog, i'll go on and on and on about how cool it is.) ANYWHO, she does leg circles, the roll up, the 100, the teaser, and of course, the seal (Arf, arf, arf). then, mommy rolls like a ball with her! I bring my knees to my chest and then lay her on top of my legs. then, i roll back and forth. she gets a kick out of it.

I'm going on and on here...

Well, then she fussed again. boy, did she fuss. i gave her another bottle then. and, she had a pooty. Which i think was the problem all along. Now, she's asleep. AND mommy gets to have a night on the town with aunt abby as grandma and grandpa watch the little "angel."

wow. i need to take a break.


Anonymous said...

i think its "awoke" not awakend

Clairissa said...

Well, let's give her a break... half the time mothers of young babies don't even know the day of the week, let alone the English language to it's perfection.

I applaud you Becky for keeping up with a blog!!!! :)