Thursday, July 14, 2005

shew... some relax time!

well, its been a busy one.

you know whats funny in an odd way? babies know when to be good and when to be bad... but at the wrong times. Yesterday, i had no plans, just wanted to chill at home. and of course, my little munchkin was wonderful. TODAY, however, i had lots of plans. And wouldnt you know it... she was moody all day. she hardly slept, which meant i was up all day making her happy.

motherhood is great.

Really it is. Just sometimes, you wonder, "what happened to my life?" (more on that at a later time.)

*My sweetheart is cute, isnt she? Yup, thats Erica Joy!

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Abigail S. said...

Cute picture of Erica and Aunt Abby! Not that you can see much of me... But I was looking pretty good that day!