Monday, July 18, 2005

confessions of a stay at home mommy

It's very interesting, the changes that occur once someone begins staying at home all day.

True confessions... I cant believe I'm sharing this!

I watch "Passions." Its a soap opera on NBC. Yes, I Becky, watch a soap opera. I cant believe it. I should join a Soap Opera Annonymous group or something.

Its insane. ME! Of all people! But, be assured, it is the only one I watch. I started seeing tidbits of "Days of Our Lives" b/c it comes on before "Passions," but I've made myself stop. I cant afford becoming addicted to a second one.

I'm gonna put a link for you to check out the "Passions" homepage. Once again, I apologize for letting you all down.


Anonymous said...

its ok. we all do stupid things

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I've lost all hope for you. And to think- I used to think you're cool.
Just kidding. I love ya!

Clairissa said...

I'm perhaps the first one that is PROUD of you...

(I've been a lifelong "Days" fan, and at times I'll catch parts of Passions since it is on right after.)

I LIVE for 1:00 PM Monday thru Friday. I'm an addict also! It's okay... really!! We stay-at-home mommys have to have SOMETHING to look forward to other than, "Oh goodie, it's just a pee diaper" or "Wow, you shook your rattle." --- am I right?!