Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Giggles, giggles, giggles

Oh, last night was so cute. my little girl was laying on the floor, and i was sitting in front of her. my hubby was on the couch next to us. i had a white and bright orange beach ball that i was holding above her and she was hitting it. (i say she's going to be a volleyball player some day.)

well, my husband STOLE the ball and then thru it at my head!!! oh dear, and baby started giggling at that! so for five or more minutes, andrew was throwing the ball at me. and she just kept giggling and giggling.

so, i didnt mind. first of all, its a beachball. those things dont hurt. and besides, it was so precious hearing her laugh! especially since she doesnt normally laugh for just us (cuz i guess we're boring to her cuz she sees us every day-- she laughs for other people who are new to her).

so, i'm very happy. she's just adorable.

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