Thursday, June 07, 2007


I love having a daughter. It's so much fun. Before she turned two, we were already painting toenails together!

I took her out today and she picked out a new lip gloss for me. And also a nail file. The lip gloss is a nice tan/neutral color. And the nail file rocks! Its purple, but has little pictures of nail polish all over.

Erica loves saying that she's pretty. [She also tells me I'm pretty, and that makes my day!] Unfortunately, people right now are saying she looks funny. Because-- I cut her bangs. I WAS NOT going to take her to a hairdresser just to trim her bangs for $12!!! Absurd! I did that before, and it didn't even turn out very well when the 'professional' did it. Well... the bangs aren't very even. And its a bit too short. But soon enough it'll grow back and even out. Today after her nap I may try just evening out a few pieces that I missed, but nothing major.

The curls in the back are staying. I don't want them touched with a scissor! No way! Those curls are just too adorable. My mom said that my sister and I [we're twins] were around 2, we had such curly hair. But when she took us to a hairdresser, the lady cut our hair so short and the curls never came back. [We have curls now, but that's due to a lot of hair gel.]

Well, I have things to do. Tootles!


Abigail S said...

I'm sure she's still beautiful! She could never look "funny!"

I'll see you two tomorrow!

Crazy Working Mom said...

My daughter has straight hair, but my son has LOTS of curls. I do love having a daughter. It's such a blessing. Lots of fun things like buying clothes, accessories, polish, etc!

~*SilverNeurotic*~ said...

My brother used to have curly hair when he was a baby, it was adorable but after he went to the barber the first time he lost them. Even when he wore his hair long (shoulder length) his hair wasn't very curly at all.

Abigail S said...

So, I've seen her hair. It's not "funny". It makes her look endearing! :)

Becky L said...

well, abby, endearing is a nice way to put it.

crazy working mom- yeah, buying clothing for girls IS fun. I was just out shopping this morning.

Silverneurotic- I do find it odd that when curls are cut off at a young age, they may not grow back.