Wednesday, March 21, 2007

one tough cookie-- UPDATED

Really, what does a hard cookie have to do w/ someone who doesnt cry when hurt? do you eve wonder where phrases come from- why they were started? [Example: cute as a button. what??? well, if you wonder how that phrase started, i'll let you know at the end of
this post...]

So, as i stated in my previous post, Clairissa and I took our kids to Kidz Escape. i was so excited the night before that i couldnt sleep. [i'm such a kid!] Well, i'm here to report that it WAS FUN! we had a great time. Reagan [Clairissa's son] is about two and a half months older than erica, so they're close enough in age to enjoy playing together.

We got there right at opening time; first thing we had to do was sign in and fill out some papers. Well, erica ran off as soon as we entered. She really took to it; i was somewhat surprised. I know that she's adventurous and full of energy, but i guess i thought she wouldnt quite know what to do, since its been awhile since she's been to the park.

Unfortunately, erica just woke up. So i need to wrap this up. I'll come back later, maybe during her nap time, to finish.

- - -

okay, i'm back [1:15 pm]. I never explained the title: "one tough cookie." I must say, Erica is definitely one tough cookie. She can take pain pretty well. Yeah, she cries... for about 30 seconds; then she just wants to play again. I'm not sure if you can really tell, but in the picture of the red/blue/yellow structure, there's a red later on the left side. its only 2 steps. Well, my darling came up the steps on the other side, and was so excited to slide that she didnt quite look in time to tell that it WASNT a slide. She fell and somehow landed on her face. She has a nice little "rug burn" above her lip. There are other ladders that are much higher: 7 or 8 rungs. Well, two different times she fell from higher up on the ladder. the last time it happened, she was getting REALLY tired, so the crying lasted maybe two minutes. She just wanted to be held. The picture of Erica and me was taken around that point; thats why she's not smiling. [I've also included a picture of Clairissa and Reagan.]

Did i mention yet how long we were there? Opening was at 10 am, and thats when we arrived. We played until 11:45. At that point, erica was SO grouchy. she didnt want to play; she just wanted to whine. So i figured it was lunch time. We all packed a lunch, and we ate at a picnic table that was there. Around 12:15 they started playing again. However, both [especially erica] were getting tired and ready for afternoon naptime. We left at 1:00.

[As i promised: Cute as a button--> one of the original definitions of 'cute' was round. isnt that interesting? never would have guessed it, would you? In college i wrote a paper on 'cute,' and believe it or not, you can trace the evolution of the word from round to a cute guy.]


Becky L said...

okay-- i think i can finish now [cross my fingers]

Abigail S said...

SOunds like a fun time!

'liya said...

That looks like a fun place!

Toni said...

Glad you had a great time. I get grouchy to, but no one will let me take a nap anymore!

Becky L said...

self-- yes, it did get updated and finished

abby-- i'll have to take you sometime when you're done w/ school

'liya-- yeah, i couldnt believe how big the place was. it really was lots of fun

toni-- i must make a confession: i also took a nap when we got home. I was just so worn out. Even though i wasnt climbing, sliding, etc, i was still following her around everywhere to prevent falls.

Anonymous said...

your daughter is very cute. But, she looks more like her daddy than she looks like you. But her blonde hair is unique from both of you right? By the way, I saw a pic where someone was wearing dirty sneakers and Erica was laying on the floor right beside them. That is not very hygienic. In Indian families, we do not wear shoes inside since they bring in dirt. I dont mean to sound rude or annoying. :)

Clairissa said...

OH that WAS a fun day, wasn't it? And I took quite a nice picture of you and Erica, if I do say so myself.

To annonymous- you don't have to be Indian, my entire family is sooo picky about that, and so am I. We don't wear shoes inside either. At this playground, though, shoes were really necessary I think so that all the little kids could have better traction and not be run over by bigger little kids. Reagan was wacked into at 100 mph by an older girl on a swing whose mom was more in tune with her camera than what her children were up to. Grrr...

Josh Brown said...


I found your web site when I was searching online for links to Kidz Escape.

I actually work for the company that runs Kidz Escape.

I have three kids and they love Kidz Escape also.

Your pics are great too.

Take care and come back soon.