Monday, March 19, 2007

E-ca poop

i took erica out tonight to the grocery store. Wow, what a riot.

OF COURSE, she chooses the momment we walk into the store to go poopoo. So, she's walking around the store, grabbing her bottom, saying: "e-ca poop... e-ca poop." It was so embarassing.

tomorrow, i'm taking erica out w/ my friend Clairissa and her son, reagan. We found out about this cool place called Kidz Escape. [I normally dont make reference to where i live-- besides just saying Lancaster County. But this place is quite a distance from us, so i dont feel too worried sharing the link w/ its location.] It really looks neat. Its a giant in-door playground. I think we're going there around 10ish, when it opens. We're taking along packed lunches to eat, so that the kids have a break between playing.

Dont worry-- i'll take my camera and get lots of pictures.


Becky L said...

i'm SO excited about tomorrow-- i can't sleep!

Toni said...

I remember those days when Barbie and I would take the little ones to the indoor PG so they would be wore out and go to bed early! Plus, it kept them 'contained' and we were able to talk!

Hope you had fun!

Becky L said...

toni-- yeah, it was fun to be able to talk w/ my friend while there... More info coming up

Becky, Mom, Mommy, Hey you, said...

ahh Becky..mine screamed out in the middle of the store the other day...

"Mommy I gotta go Poo-Poo"...sigh the joys of being a mom.