Thursday, March 22, 2007

the saga continues

As winter is melting away, the man around town has come out of hiding again! And now the games can continue!
[Considering most blog-readers are now completely different than my first set of readers, i must explain who this guy is. He's an old guy, dressed really raggedly. He just roams our town, often trying to hitch hike, though no one will pick him up. I like to think of spotting him as playing "Where's Waldo." You never know where he'll show up.]

- - -

But the main saga that i'm refering to in my title is that of my car. Its just drama, drama, drama. One thing after another. For awhile now, my car has been making a funny "humming" sound. And no, its not just a regular car sound. Well, yesterday it starting making an awful noise, one that can't be ignored. Loud, clicking, clanging. I was scared for my little car's life.

Well, hubby was gonna go out w/ erica so that i could have some "me time." [Yes, i wanted to watch America's Next Top Model, followed by Crossing Jordan. If anyone knows what happened in those shows, let me know!] My hubby was gone all of 20 minutes when he called and said "pick us up!" Of course, he was on one of those 'amish' back roads, ones that no one is familiar with, and the names of them keep changing even though its THE SAME ROAD! so we called AAA, and of course he couldnt find us. [I wont rant and rave, but i'll just say this: if the man had listened to my directions, he would have found us right away.] he towed the car to our 'car doctor.' And now, there it sits. It's future is uncertain.

Didnt get home till 9:45. ugh. I felt so bad for erica; towards the end, she just started screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming and screaming. So of course, i started crying. It was just too much to handle. I could have been 'strong enough' to handle the car problems. But the mother in me just hates to see my child upset.

[she's awake now, so i gotta go.]


SAMommy said...

your daughter is very cute. But, she looks more like her daddy than she looks like you. But her blonde hair is unique from both of you right? By the way, I saw a pic where someone was wearing dirty sneakers and Erica was laying on the floor right beside them. That is not very hygienic. In Indian families, we do not wear shoes inside since they bring in dirt. I dont mean to sound rude or annoying. :)

ANTM: you know that girl who everyone said looked like Tyra, well, she got voted out. It was a very good episode where the had to pretend they were dead...the make-up was so amazing and real. Oh, they first started with a challenge where they had to crawl through a maze, kind of like the Matrix and Whitney (+ sized model) won that challenge (it was a bracelet worth $2000). Jael burnt her own face with a curling iron , she says it had to do with nerves since she keeps thinking about her friend who overdosed and died.

I hope your car gets better :)

Becky L said...

samommy-- welcome to my blog. how did you find me? [just curious!] Everyone does tell me that erica looks like her daddy. oh well. And the shoes thing-- we normally dont wear shoes at home, but we were somewhere else that night.

thanks for the ANTM update! i'll probably drop by its website; pictures should hopefully be there

'liya said...

I would have updated you on ANTM but I can see someone else already did! I like Brittany (red haired girl). My classes are divided on who should win :D

Abigail S said...

Yay for man around town!

I, too, watched ANTM. Thanks for getting me hooked, beck!

On Jordan, she's still refusing to get help for her tumor thing, though Garret found out and is made at her for avoiding it. Woody, Bug, and new mean lady worked a cool case together. THey had an Egyptian mummy that a museum wanted them to autopsy for cause of death. They found out it wasn't really an Egyptian mummy- it was a girl who died 3 or so years ago. Well, at one poing, Woody told the lady she was an unfeeling, cruel woman. This kinda shook her, and at the end, she showed a softer side.

Becky L said...

'liya-- i'm not sure what i think about brittany. she does take really good pictures, but she's a bit of a "drama-queen"

abby- thanks for the Crossing Jordan update

Toni said...

Oh my gawd! I am a closet ANTM watcher! Guess I just came out? I love any show that tells pretty skinny girls they have flaws! I am that shallow! I didn't get to watch this week, so thanks for the update- it is on again on Sunday according to my on screen guide... I can't stand Jael- she talks soooo slow, like she's stoned! I am rooting for Brittany and Rene- I think that's her name- the mom of a 7 month old....