Monday, March 12, 2007

A good day

[Yes, erica had a great birthday. Once i get pictures, i'll tell all about it. Unfortunately, i didnt have my camera... urgg... So once abby gets pictures to me, i'll tell all about it.]

Saturday was a good day. Andrew was thinking he'd have to go in to work, but thankfully he found that he wouldnt have to. So, for the first time in a LONG time, we had a whole saturday for a "family day." It was so nice. I was so happy. It was like i was walking on the clouds.

Of course, we did house-things. But i was okay with that. Our living room is in need of fixing up. We cleared out all of erica's toys and other misc junk. Then andrew spackled [is that how its spelled?], while erica and i played with her new B-Day toys. Every five minutes or so we'd run to see how daddy was doing.

Then we went shopping. We needed paint, stain, paint brushes and rollers, etc. [We also got a NEW TV! praises abound!!!] Once home, andrew did some more spackling while erica and i watched. then we set up the TV/DVD, and erica was able to watch Strawberry Shortcake for the first time in weeks. She loved it. Andrew and i sat with her, in awe of our new TV... it really is amazing to see COLOR again.

Okay, so maybe the day doesnt sound too eventful. but that was good. It was a pretty relaxing time, just the 3 of us. It was so great.

Sunday night i said to Hubby, "This weekend has been so great. Its really motivating me to be a better mother and wife." to which he replied: "awe, thats nice honey." I paused a minute, then added, "But it makes me sad, b/c i know i cant be all that you need." And he replied, "Oh becky, its okay. You're great as you are."

that meant so much to me. It meant much more than just saying "i love you." He loves me just as i am, even though i'm not perfect. He appreciates how hard i try. That makes me happy.

So, CHEERS... here's to hoping for a good week to come!


Toni said...

Some of our best times, are spent doing 'nothing', just being together, with no one having to rush off! Glad you had such a great weekend!

Yeah for the new TV! TV is a necessity in our house, like food or water!

'liya said...

Ooh what colour are you painting?

Because my sister is on March Break, my mom is making her paint! She's painting our ('kids') bathroom a reallyyy pretty blue :)

P.S Hope your house doesn't stink of paint like mine..

Becky L said...

Toni-- yeah, TV is good. As i type, erica is munching on lunch while watching Strawberry Shortcake. Its really cute.

'Liya-- we're doing blue too. Well, right now we're doing the ceiling a light gray [or is it grey?]. Once thats done, we'll move on to the walls, which is a light blue. We'e gonna put wood trim around the top, stained a dark blue. I'm excited. I'll post pictures when its FINALLY finished

Crazy Working Mom said...

I can't wait to see pics! :)
Sounds like a great time.
Glad you finally got a TV too.

Abigail S said...

Sorry, my camera's at school... I'll bring it back tom., and send you those pics!

That's so great that you and hubby had a good weekend together! Yay! Yall needed that.