Sunday, November 19, 2006

countdown to thanksgiving

In honor of thanksgiving coming up, each day i'm going to have a different question in regards to being thankful.

So, my first one is based on the reason we celebrate thanksgiving. All those many years ago, the pilgrims traveled over from europe. well, the silly folks didnt know how to survive in this new country, and got a nice helping hand from the native americans. wasnt that nice?

Well, the relating question...
Was there a time when someone did some thing very nice for you?

i'm gonna go outside now and think of my own answer to that question... yes, its midnight. but i want to go see the shooting stars. It's supposed to have started around 11:45, and there's supposed to be two every minute. hopefully i'll actually see some.

UPDATE: its now like 12:45. I wasnt outside long. But long enough to get a sore neck... And also to see some action in the sky! it was very pretty.

So, my thankful thing. I'm SOOOO thankful to my hubby today. he's marvalous... so much better than me... This is the story. I went out shopping w/ friends today. we went to the
King of Prussia Mall. wow-- that place is HUGE! two different buildings. they have regular mall-type stores, like NY&Co, Aeropostale, Payless Shoes, Gap, etc. BUT, there are some places are quite a bit more sophisticated. Lord & Taylor. Neiman Marcus. Louis Vuitton. The highlight of my day-- Versace. can you believe it? i cant. wow...

BACK TO MY POINT--- Andrew stayed home with erica. And i left in such a fluster this morning that i forgot to take his truck; meaning, i took the carseat with me. So, andrew was stuck home all day with erica. and he had plans of places to go. i felt awful when i realized it. oh, i felt like an awful person. And i expected him to be mad at me. I'D be mad at me.

i came home, and the whole house was clean. picked up, vaccumed, laudary done, HE EVEN CLEANED MY CLOSET! the closet is huge. its a room that the previous owners had just turned into a closet. We dont need a third bedroom at this point, so its still the closet. And my clothes have overtaken it. I've been meaning to clean my stuff up, but its jsut been getting worse. So, he cleaned it all. picked up my junk on the floor. folded stuff up, put things on hangers, organized it all.

And if that wasnt good enough, he gave me his "proposition." I was thinking: "oh no, this is gonna be bad..." Nope, its amazing. He said that most of that stuff i'll probably never wear again, so if i get rid of it, he'll pay me. For each thing i get rid of, he'll give me a dollar. Once i hit forty, he'll give me $100 towards new clothes.

i'm thankful for my hubby, and for the wonderfully nice gift he's given to me.


'liya said...

The pilgrims might have gotten a nice helping hand from the Native Americans, but in the end the Native Americans suffered!

I have to admit that does sound like a great deal that the two of you have made. I say give the 40 items to a charity and collect the $100! Then go back to that mall you mentioned (which looks amazing) and buy some great stuff!! I wish someone would offer me something like that :D

Becky L said...

'liya-- you're right. the native americans really did get shafted in the end.