Wednesday, October 11, 2006

terrible twos

i was in the middle of typing a new post, when Darling Dearest decided to push a big button on my computer. What button? The power button. Errgg. I was mad, and about to yell. But i realized: she didnt know that what she was doing was a bad thing. So it would be wrong of me to punish her. So, i just looked her in the face and said: "dont push every button you see."

So, now i'm on Hubby's computer to type. And she's playing on my computer, which is okay since its turned off.

ANYWAY... the topic at hand: The terrible twos. [which, if you noticed, my introductory story segways nicely into it. (i dont know how to spell segway.)] This dreaded time in a toddler's life does not suddenly appear at the second birthday. In fact, most children enter it before that date in their life. Well, erica has crossed the threshhold and is now a member of the Terrible Twos Club.

For awhile, i wondered "what exactly are the terrible twos like? How will i know when they start? Will it really be that bad?"

she always wants her way. when she doesnt get it, she throws herself down on the ground, kicks, screams, thrashes around. If i try to pick her up to comfort her, she just throws herself backwards out of my grasp-- very dangerous.

So, i turned to my funny yet trusted book: The girlfriend's guide to surviving toddlerhood. I reread the chapter on Discipline. It gave me good points to think about. First of all, sometimes they arent meaning to be defiant. Its just that they're so excited about learning and trying things out, that they get into trouble. And you shouldnt really punish them just for doing what toddlers do. [ex: my introductory story.]

Along with that, i need to choose my battles. Its helped me to look at situations and realize not to fight with her over things that are trivial. Just the big stuff.

When it comes to dealing with temper tantrums, sometimes its best to just let them go. That is, if you are not out in public. If at home, just leave the room-- as long as they arent being so crazy as to endanger themselves. The lack of attention might actually make them stop.

Another idea: take away something that they love. Yesterday, i took away TV priveledges. She's IN LOVE with strawberry shortcake. she likes to watch the movie nonstop. [i dont actually let her though. Maybe just once a day.] Well, the one day she was throwing a fit about something while the TV was on. I told her i'd turn it off if she didnt stop. she kept going, so i turned it off. Well, that made her mad... but she then did stop her behavior. now she knows i'm serious when i say it to her.

I'll end with a funny thing. I was picking erica up last sunday from being babysat. When i went in, the lady said: "erica is such an obedient little girl." I BUSTED OUT LAUGHING! other people dont see this terrible twos side of her. they dont believe me when i say she's prone to tantrums. ah well. She's still my honey and i still love her.


Becky L said...


i finally got my digital pictures loaded up onto my computer. So, i'll be sharing some soon. Right now, i'm going thru ALL OF THEM SINCE MARCH to figure out which to print out.

i'm totally wired-- its 1 AM. i have lots of shopping to do, so i think i'll go now. with erica being a huge mass of emotions, i think it'll be good to not risk taking her out on a long shopping trip.

thank goodness for 24 hr stores!

Raj said...

Shopping at 1 am? Thats definitely not my cup of tea :)

I remember how mad I used to get when my niece used to turn off my comp.

Clairissa said...

Yup - Reagan does the same thing... the whole thrashing around thing. It's normal and very nice to hear that I'm not the only one having to put up with it! Hang in there (I say that to convince myself too)!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait till she's 3. She'll wake up at random times throughout the night and come to your room, wake you up and try to crawl into your bed. Prepare to lose more sleep!