Monday, October 09, 2006

putting 2 and 2 together

i'm trying very hard not to fall asleep. so i decided to blog... I've been getting up early in the mornings, but its super hard on me since the camping trip, b/c i've been so tired. Well, i thought that perhaps a cup of coffee and time blogging would get me wide awake.

SO, erica's been putting two and two together... Well, not really. She's been putting 2 together. two words, that is. As adults, we take so many things for granted... like talking, for example. But its brand new to toddlers. They start with single words, then start making two word combinations, then three, then four, and they finally then get to sentences.

Her first combination was: "no mommy." At this age, they often answer with a no even though they mean yes. well, when she says "no mommy," i definitely can tell that she means it! the circumstances for that first time-- I needed to get her dressed, but she just wanted to run around. So i'm chasing her around the house with a shirt, and she's crying "no mommy. no mommy!"

The really popular one right now is "help me." It took me so long to figure out that thats what she was saying. She says it more like "el me." [though now she has the H in there too, so its hel me.] She had been saying it for a few days, but i just had no clue that she meant anything by it. Till finally one day she ran up to me with a DVD, said "el me... el me," then ran to the TV and pounded at it. OH! i finally got it, and felt kinda dumb for not picking up on it sooner. But its been GREAT having her say it. really. Because now i know when to help her and when to let her go and try to figure something out by herself.

I'll mention the others quickly.
"All gone." She's been saying that when her food's all gone and she wants more.
"Hurry up." Okay, so i didnt hear that; she said it to my father-in-law
"It mine." that needs no explanation.

WELL, there are more. But the little princess just woke up, so i need to go get her.
I promise that soon i'll post more pictures. [i just need to find my camera. not sure where it is...]


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky. Google is finally letting me post comments again here. We are very tired too. We just celebrated M~'s 3rd birthday. Still recovering...

Becky L said...

Mr Martin-- congrat's on the little one's birthday. wow, three years already...

UPDATE-- still have not found my camera. [lol] it would help if i actually looked for it. I guess i'm just hoping it finds its way to me. Part of the reason for my stalling-- I havent developed pictures since erica's birthday, which was 7 months ago. Eek!