Friday, October 06, 2006

Spring Cleaning

i needed a quick post [since its been awhile since my last entry]. As I was fall decorating this week, i was reminded of something i wrote last year at Just a Quick Question...

Ah, spring cleaning! (although, its not spring, is it? its fall.) well then, fall cleaning! start putting away those bright, flowery decoration and get ready for something new!

break out those pumpkins! Those darker shades of red, orange, yellow, and brown! get ready to soon have those ghosts and gools for halloween. and cornucopia for thanksgiving. sigh... gotta love thanksgiving. time for tons of turkey! it was nice that some of the Native Americans befriended the Pilgrims and give them a helping hand. Now we can have big feasts in memory.

come on! get ready! head down to your basement and bring out the boxes!


Outpouring from the boxes comes hundreds of cockroaches. What are you going to do with them?
a. Get out the fondue pot! poke a stick thru them and dip them in chocolate. YUM!
b. Unfortunately you have no shoes on, but you decide to stomp on them, letting their guts squish between your toes.
c. Run like a crazy man/woman away from them!
d. Call the police-- this is an emergency after all
e. Set the house on fire. that should kill each one of them
This is a serious problem, not to be taken lightly. Really, what would YOU do in such circumstances?


mistyblue3 said...

I would want to run! BUT, I couldn't handle knowing that they were in my house, so barefeet and all, I step on the nasty suckers, and then call an exterminator!

Clairissa said...

Ick, I'd use my heel to squash them. No toes please! Gross thought.