Monday, October 02, 2006

an amish school house shooting

i came home just ten minutes ago from a fun outing w/ erica. i turned on the TV, and noticed the blue bar at the bottom of the TV, giving information. normally its for sever weather or flooding [which we dont have now] or the Amber Alert. So i read it.

Yeah, completely bawled my eyes out. and i'm not overexaggerating. [erica laughed at me, b/c she didnt know what was going on or that i was truly sad.]

A 32 year old man went into an amish school and let all the boys leave, keeping just the girls inside. he also let a pregnant teacher and some other women who had babies with them. Then he lined up all the girls, tying their feet together.

I dont think i can write much more. You can check out the news link. At this point, more of the injured girls have been added to the "critical" list.


'liya said...

I just heard about it on the radio and realized it happened in your area when I heard "Lancaster County." That is just horrible. Something needs to be done about all this.. school shootings are really getting out of hand and it's making schools, which should be a safe place for kids, very unsafe. All schools. I really can't imagine the type of people who'd do this.

Becky L said...

-liya: i completely agree. its getting out of hand. and i have no idea WHY someone would do this, even if they "think" they have a reason. which leads to my next thing to say:

-Update: I watched the Press Conference where the head police guy was answering questions. They still wont give a full description about "what happened 20 years ago." Apparently whatever it was made him want to target girls in this age group. HOWEVER, they did say that as far as they can tell, it has NOTHING TO DO with the amish people. NOTHING.

there are two possible reasons why he chose them: 1) They dont have school security. 2) He said in his suicide letters that he was "angry with life and angry with God." So maybe he thought to attack the Amish b/c of their religious dedication to God.

I dunno. But it all just upsets me.

Scott said...

When I heard Lancaster county I wanted to shout, I know someone from there! What a horrible scene! What evil lurks in people to do such a thing. I just can't stop thinking about those poor girls final moments. I wonder what God plans to do with that soul who did this.

Clairissa said...

This makes me angry! What is with this area lately? Lanncaster County is generally so safe and nothing like this happens. I can't believe it happened so close to us! With my Grandma's recent death I am already emotionally raw and this is about putting me over the edge. These poor little Amish girls. As much as I poke fun at the Amish on my blog, the little Amish kids are SOOOOO cute. I too am really saddened by this. What is this world coming to? The Lord is coming soon, I think. Thank goodness, I am ready to go to heaven for eternity and be done with all this earthly crap.

Raj said...

I saw it on TV. Its very sad :(