Saturday, October 14, 2006


so, i had a conference this morning. about one hour and fifteen minutes away. Well, i started feeling really light headed and woozy... worse than the other times. i kept saying to myself: "you can make it, stop being such a wimp."

but, when i was only perhaps 15 minutes away, i broke down crying. i was so scared. i mean, REALLY scared. so i pulled over at a gas station and called andrew. he wasnt sure what to tell me... he said to start drinking lots of water, but i had already been doing that; i'd already finished a 20 oz bottle. He couldnt come get me... 1) he didnt have the carseat for erica. 2) his truck doesnt work.

So, i called my parents. I was only 20 minutes away from their house, thank goodness. They came and rescued me. i tried to keep myself together, but as soon as i walked in their door, i broke down sobbing.

This time, its so bad. all the other times i felt woozy just pale in comparison. my eyesight is blurry. i keep teetering back and forth. everytime i move my head, i feel dizzy.

I have a dr apt on monday. I probably wont post again till then. My hubby has put me on bed rest, bless his little heart. But he's out right now with erica, getting something for dinner. So i snuck downstairs.

[first picture: erica with her hair up. she wont let us do it anymore b/c she just pulls it right out. Picture two: erica and her favorite monkey. She calls him "mon."]


'liya said...

Her hair looks very cute up :)

Feel better soon! I hate the feeling of dizzness. I've felt it before and it's like you have no control and feel like you're going to faint. Get some rest and don't attempt to drive until you're all better.

Crazy Me said...

I hope you get to feeling better soon. (((Hugs)))

Becky L said...

thanks liya.
thanks crazy me-- good to see you back to blogger world.

UPDATE-- i dont think i can possibly sleep any more. Hubby is gone right now, and baby girl is napping. i layed down in bed but just couldnt sleep. [perhaps b/c i slept all morning.]

when i woke up this morning, i felt bad but not too terrible. Well, i decided to take it easy and finish working on my photo album. Once i finished, i stood up, and BAM! i tried sitting down again, but only continued to get worse. So i then went to sleep again.

now that i'm awake, i dont think i can go to sleep again. But i dont know what else to do. Reading makes me sick. watching tv makes me sick. talking on the phone makes me sick. [it hurts my ears.] typing on the internet makes me sick.

whats a girl to do?

Holly said...

Hang in there!
Would you like me to start the prayer chain???

Clairissa said...

Yick! Think you have the flu or something?

Erica's hair looks DARLING like that! We should have put it up like that for the kids' pictures the other day.

Oh and I think Erica's friend "mon" is one from Reagan's party last year, right? Reagan still has a bunch of the blow-up jungle animals. They're great fun! We can spare some, though, so let me know if Erica would like another one such as a zebra or lion. :)

Becky L said...

holly-- no, thats okay
clairissa-- no other animals needed. monkey is enough :-)

Clairissa said...

Dang it! I was trying to pawn them off on you. ha ha