Tuesday, October 24, 2006


[okay, so i know i promised family pictures. but right now, my camera is MIA, so it'll just have to wait awhile still...]

Last night, i watched the fifth episode of Heroes. OMG! it is so good. i love that show. it is absolutely so fantastic. its along the same lines as The 4400, which i also absolutely love. though, i'm not sure if i even dare say this... but i think i like heroes better. **gasp**

so, the premise is that random people around the world are gaining super powers. [okay, they're all from the US, except Hiro who is from Japan. Mohinder is from india, but he's a scientist who's researching this whole thing. though at this point, he's skeptical and doesnt believe its really happening.] In the above picture, starting from the left...

-Hiro. He's from Japan. He can stop time, rewind time, fast forward time, etc.

-DL. He was just introduced in person last night, during the last 2 seconds. he's married to Nikki, and he's a criminal. Do we know if he has a power yet? not sure.

-nathan. he's running for congress. he's quite a shady guy. kinda mean. he can fly, but doesnt want people to know, b/c all he wants is to win this election

-Peter. he's nathan's brother. he's a really nice guy, quite the opposite of his brother. he really wants to be special, to have a power of some sort. he thought he could fly, but could only do it when around his brother. last night we discovered that he could do Isaac's ability, which leads us to believe that his power is that he can imitate other powers when he's around them.

-Nikki. She is so stinkin' confusing. Her mirror image has its own personality. Sometimes she blacks out and the other personality takes over. Sounds more like a psychiatric problem and not a power. though, her alter ego has inmense strength, and can woop anyone's butt. [also, she and DL have a son. does he have a power???]

-Mohinder. His father was a scientist who strongly believed that people could randomly gain superhero powers. So, he left india in search of answers. He died in NY, and mohinder went to find answers. Even though he met Peter, he still thinks its all crazy.

-Matt. He's a cop who can read minds. He's helping the FBI track down "sylar," a killer who we believe also has powers. [sylar had left a message on Mohinder's father's answering machine.]

-Claire. She's a teenager. a cheerleader. she can heal from anything. she actually was dead, and in the morgue cut wide open. but she healed herself and ran off.

-Simone. no powers. she was dating isaac, and then dumped him for peter.

-Isaac. he can paint the future. but, he thinks the only way he can do it is when high on drugs. however, when Peter painted the future when with him last night, and peter wasnt on drugs. so isaac probably can do it w/o drugs.

erica's awake, so i need to go...


Clairissa said...

I saw the ads for that show, but frankly I can't fit ANOTHER show on my schedule - ha ha! It did sort of seem like The 4400, which we love. But would you believe that we still have the last episode of the previous season of The 4400 to watch, but there it sits on the list on Tivo! We've just not gotten around to watching it. Personally, I think this last season of The 4400 wasn't as great as it had previously been. What do you think?

Clairissa said...

I'll tell you one show we love right now... 1 vs 100 on NBC! Have you seen it? It's great!! We can't wait for Friday night each week just for that reason. It's a great start to the weekend. We put Reagan to bed, play Rummy, and watch that show. Love it, love it!

Becky L said...

clairissa-- no, i havent seen 1 vs 100

the 4400 is getting complex. the viewers really have no clue what REALLY is going on... is isabelle evil, are the 4400 evil, etc. But, you'll need to see that last episode. it does answer some ?s.

Clairissa said...

Yes, one of these days we're actually going to sit down and watch that last episode. Heck, maybe tonight! It really IS getting complex... ahhh it hurts my brain. So I will watch that episode and get back to you! :)