Wednesday, October 25, 2006

fall fun

So, on Saturday my sister and I took erica to a pumpkin patch. it was SO MUCH FUN! they had a lot of things there for erica to do.

First, they had animals that kids could pet. mainly just sheep and goats. erica didnt really like that, so we didnt take pictures. So, then we walked on towards their big... well, i'm not sure what to call it. the picture is there to the left. They stacked hay bails together to make a big pyramid type thing, and there were little tunnels that the kids could crawl thru. Well, erica didnt need to crawl; she just walked thru b/c she's so short. but she absolutely loved it. abby stood on one side and i was on the other... just to make sure she didnt make a run for it once thru the tunnel. to the right, i have a picture of her going thru the tunnel.

they also had a sand pit. we didnt do that; i didnt want erica to get all that sand on her. So, we then went to the hay pit. they used hay bails to make a big square area, then filled the middle of it with loose hay. so, kids could jump into it. at first, erica wasnt sure what to think of it. but then she started having fun. it was so cute watching her stand in it and then just fall backwards. and she had fun throwing hay at her aunt abby. in the picture to the left, you can see me tackling erica in the hay.

then we decided to actually go into pumpkin patch. We were a bit disappointed at first. the field wasnt very big. and the pumpkins looked like they were brought in from somewhere else and just plopped down there. but, erica ran around looking at the pumpkins. then she decided to try to straddle them all when walking past them... until she came to a big pumpkin and got stuck on top of it. well, at the far end of the field, we found some pumpkins and gourds that were actually growing on their vines still. it was so cool! so, we actually got to "birth our own pumpkins" [as abby called it]. Erica picked out the pumpkin. and then we saw little tiny gourds and tiny baby pumpkins, so we picked out two green and white gourds and one small white pumpkin. We finished the day off with a hay ride, which wasnt very exciting, but erica kinda liked it, so thats what counts.

WELL, i was now going to show a picture of erica's new haircut. but blogger wont let me add any new pictures. so, i'll do that another time.



Clairissa said...

Was it that place I told you about the day we were at Arby's ... or another one? If so, then I'm glad we ended up not going cuz it didn't sound all THAT thrilling (at least to adults). And I like Abby's "birthing a pumpkin" thing. No better way to describe it! :)

Becky L said...

not the same place... this was out in morgantown.

it was thrilling... in that, erica was having so much fun, and we were having so much fun with her. ...well, the hay ride wasnt thrilling at all. but the rest was definitely fun.

they do have a corn maze. we did that last year. but we didnt think it would be a good idea to try it with erica.

Clairissa said...

Oh OK, cuz I thought the place on D.vill Road that I had told you about seemed good. Rob's company had a company day there and everything. But we missed it! Oh well, there is always next year.