Friday, August 11, 2006

caught in the act!

i was totally busted! my husband caught me... mmm...

My sister Abby was over for a visit on wednesday. And like any other time she visits, we go to the mall. I didnt tell andrew we were gonna, b/c i just didnt think to. I wasnt gonna buy anything there, just went along for fun.

Well, we were in the food court and i was standing in line to get some pizza. Out of the corner of my eye, i see someone in an orange shirt walk behind me. i turned slightly to look... IT WAS ANDREW! he was standing there w/ this look on his face that said: "i caught you!"

My sister was quick to assure him that i didnt buy anything. And it was nice, b/c he had lunch w/ us then, and erica liked seeing him. If you're wondering: "well, wasnt he busted too? why was he at the mall?" He was there for work. He works for a construction company, and his job is estimating how much the projects are gonna cost. There's some work being done at the mall that he was checking up on.

One very cute thing from that trip: erica called my sister "Abby." Isnt that exciting? Although, it is a really easy word to say. Once she can say her cousing Nathaniel's name i'll really be excited!

My darling is sick. Its quite confusing. Fifth disease is going around the group of kids that she sees often. So that would explain the fever and red spots. But she also has an awful cough. My guess is that its not from being sick though. Andrew recently found mold behind our walls. So, he ripped out part of the ceiling in the living room. Within half an hour she started with this cough. We're borrowing my sister's air purifier and it actually is making erica's cough better. So, hopefully she gets over it quickly.

i need to go. my darling just woke up

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Clairissa said...

'Tis I... your faithful blog reader/commentor!

Isn't it exciting when our kids start saying people's names?

Glad you had fun with your sis... :) It's a blessing that God provided such a close, supportive sister like Abby.