Monday, August 07, 2006

mommyhood confessions

I have some [pretty silly] confessions to make about my mothering. but before that, i would like to give a BIG thank you to my Hubby. He cleaned the ENTIRE HOUSE last night [well, just about], even though i know he's been tired/stressed lately. thank you!

My confessions:
1) I dont button all the buttons on Erica's clothing
a. If she's wearing a onesie underneath her outfit, i wont snap all the buttons. no one's going to see it, so why struggle with her more than necessary? and another thing... ***gasp! normally the snaps dont even line up. i just rush to get one or two and dont worry much about if they're the right ones.
b. When i put on her pajamas for nighttime, i rarely button the neck. why??? no one is gonna see her-- she'll be sleeping! and besides, i know that personally i dont like to sleep in a shirt thats tight around my neck, so i dont want to do the same to her.

2) I sometimes forget to change her diaper. ***gasp! I aim to change her diaper everytime she wakes up, before going to bed at night, and then of course whenever she's yucky. But sometimes if we have to go somewhere right after she wakes up, i forget to change her diaper before we leave and she ends up having it on still for quite awhile.

3) At times, i do turn the TV on in hopes of distracting her so that i can get stuff done. ... Though, this isnt much of a confession, b/c it rarely works. She's not interested at all in TV. The only thing she'll actually watch is Strawberry Shortcake. She dances to the songs, and its really cute. But, she only pays attention for [at the most] fifteen minutes.

4) Some days i'll take naps too. In my defense, its not often. Just once a week, not every day. Normally only if i've had a stressful or long day previously.

5) We dont always have the most "nutritious" lunches. She always gets a good breakfast and dinner. Lunches seem to be more hurried though, especially if we have errands to do. sometimes she just gets a corndog. Also, speaking of food-- if she's cranky in the car, sometimes i'll feed her pretzels just to get her to quiet down.

Well, my baby girl [well, toddler girl] just woke up, so i must leave. have a great monday!


Becky L said...

is anyone else having trouble posting pictures? i've been trying, and Blogger just wont let me

Valerie said...

don't feel bad about the shorts your take. i"m sure other moms do it too. now i'm not a mother but i've herd simalar storys form other mothers. I really think you are and will continure to be a great mother.
see you wed.

Clairissa said...

I hardly ever can post pics, and it is annoying!

About the post, if you wrote all that as entertainment, etc. then it was fun. If you wrote it truly because you feel bad about all that, then I have two words for you... WHO CARES! I don't mean that rudely. I mean, none of that matters! I've always said since Reagan was born, "If we've made it to the end of the day and we're all alive, we're doing good!" ha ha :)

Becky L said...

val-- see ya wednesday!

clairissa-- i did mean it to be COMPLETELY silly. no, i dont feel bad about any of it.

Raj said...

All the things u mentioned here are pretty okay. Mommies are human too, after all :)

If blogge gives u trouble in posting pics, try using flickr.

Valerie said...

oh crap i didn't even think of him reading it!!! I don't think he does. well, at least i hope not.

Clairissa said...

Good! I was hoping it was just silliness cuz feeling bad about any of it would be silly too. :)