Sunday, August 13, 2006

who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

obviously, my daughter is. Erica is petrified of dogs, especially when they run right up to her. Even the small ones scare her.

She very easily gets scared. Its kinda funny, especially since she has the CUTEST pout and cry. most people stick out their lower lip when they cry, but she sticks out her top lip. i'm not really sure how she does it, but its cute.

-A week or so ago, we were at a picnic. andrew was pretend-sword fighting with a kid who's like ten yrs old or something. Erica actually thought that the boy was hurting erica. she started crying and screaming, trying to run up to andrew's side but afraid that she'd get hurt. Once i realized thats why she was crying, i asked them to stop for a minute. And when they stopped, she ran up and gave andrew a huge hug.

-I was in the kitchen doing dishes yesterday while andrew and erica were in the living room. i hear him say: "OUCH!!! oowwww, ahhhh, ohhhh." And erica ran into the kitchen crying. She was trying to get me b/c she thought daddy was really really hurt. he only stubbed his toe, nothing major. but it really scared her.

There are several other examples. But i'm just gonna relate those two. I have lots else to do. I wont be blogging much this week [most likely anyway] b/c i'm helping at a kids' camp during the daytimes. Then every night, andrew is helping w/ a teens' camp. So, we'll be very busy.


Clairissa said...

It's so sweet how sensitive and aware they suddenly become at this age... they're "real" people. :)

Ekta said...

erica sounds like a really cute and sensitive kid...
god bless her!