Wednesday, April 12, 2006

too much to say...

wow-- i havent posted since friday. so unlike me--

so, whats been up? my sister dearest came over sunday afternoon and stayed till tuesday afternoon. it was fun. well, relaxing is a better term. we went together to paint pottery; that was so calming. we went to the mall-- and erica actually slept while in her stroller! that hasnt happened since she was a newborn. i just bought a jeanskirt, b/c abby wants to take back the one she gave me. But i really like this one-- however i will miss the old one

there's so much else that i could say. which is why i'm NOT going to. i'd end up writing WAY too much. So, i'm off now to make some coffee and hopefully get some chores done around the house [most of which had been pushed aside while abby was here].

happy wednesday!


mistyblue3 said...

How nice that your sister came to visit! Enjoy your coffee, and hope you get all of your chores accomplished!

Becky L said...

i did! i did!!

i got lots accomplished: laundry, ironing, dishes, picking up, dissinfecting toys, etc