Thursday, April 13, 2006

miss independent

not sure how it started, but i've been thinking A LOT lately about erica's personality. Each day, she's asserting more and more of "who she is."

she's EXTREMELY independent. Example: she wont hold my hand when she's walking. she tries pulling away from me -or- stands still and grunts till i let go. she is a bit mischeivous and likes to get into stuff that she knows she shouldnt. she's a bit stuborn and likes to have her own way.

last month, i wrote a bit about this. she's a "spirited toddler-- extremely active, adventurous, and curious. prone to having temper tantrums when interupted."

YET-- she's so sweet and cuddly. there are lots of times that she'll walk up to me and plop down on my lap. she likes being held and hugged [though, not for long amounts of time]. And anyway, i LOVE her personality. it makes her an individual; not just some little baby anymore who only eats, cries, and sleeps.

On a sad note, The Office is a rerun tonight. though i will try to look at it positively: i'll be able to get some extra sleep. or maybe read some of my book...


Tickneen said...

That sure is a tough age to parent. I mean, you want to let them go but they don't have the safety awareness yet.

Abigail S. said...

So sad about The Office. I feel your pain.

Erica is a cutie. She certainly IS mischievous! I love her though! I love getting hugs from her! She melts my heart.

Crazy Me said...

I thought I would love the office but I just can't seem to get into it. Not sure why.