Monday, April 24, 2006

Ode to my Hubby

Ode to my Husband
He tries to understand
So he watched our little baby
While i went out for some coffee

Andrew was so understanding. It was wonderful. I'd had a rough day. Erica woke up AGAIN with a nasty temper. I just couldnt get her to settle. So, i was extremely frazzled and had a hard time getting us ready for Swim Class. When i got to the car to leave, i discovered a great big puddle on the floor of the car. How exciting. Then i noticed the gas was on empty, so i had to fill up. And on the way out of the gas station, my tires spun and i skidded a bit. Just great.

Swim class was good though. Well, the water was stinkin' cold. Erica didnt cry though,which was good [lots of other kids were crying and complaining]. But by the end of the 30 minutes, her little teeth were chattering and her lips were turning blue.

Its always crazy trying to dry off and get changed, b/c of course erica doesnt like standing still. Well, she decided to try running away from me in the locker room, and SLIPPED on the wet floor and bonked her head. Great.

Then we went to lunch with the other two moms that i know; it was actually nice. No real mishaps there. Erica fell asleep in the car going home [which was only a 4 minute drive], and i successfully got her up to her crib. AWESOME!

Then i did stuff... i cant really remember what... mmm... It wasnt much, because she only slept for 45 minutes. Great. So, she slept from approx 12:15 to 1:00. And she was awake the rest of the afternoon. Not fun. And again, she was cranky. I dont know what to do for her; i'm pretty positive its all b/c of teeth coming thru.

i tried putting her down for a nap-- yeah, didnt work. I put her in her crib, then fled to my room and plopped on my bed, completely worn out. She jibber-jabbered for maybe 20 minutes; she wasnt crying or screaming, so i let her go.

And then andrew came home early [shh... dont tell anyone]. PRAISES ABOUND!!! he was so sweet; he watched her while i took a short nap. He had a baseball game scheduled for the night, so he wanted to let me relax before i had to chase her around the wet grass at the park.

Well, he got a phone call that the game was cancelled-- the field was FLOODED! he was sad. So, it was my turn to watch erica while he vented some. Then, he said: "you can go out."

YESSSSSS!!!!!! PRAISES ABOUND! it was so nice; i went to Old Navy to buy a baseball cap for Erica; since andrew has games over the next few months, we needed to get something to keep the sun off of her head/face. And i picked up a spring jacket for only like 4 or 5 dollars. Then, off i went to Barnes and Nobel. I looked thru parenting books while sipping my Vanilla Latte. yummmm....

Ode to my Husband
He tries to understand
So he watched our little baby
While i went out for some coffee
[PS: this is longer than i originally intended. sorry!]


Becky L said...

oh, i didnt mention the cutest part:

when i came home, andrew met me at the door and shhhh'd me; erica was asleep on the floor! she never falls asleep anywhere besides her crib and carseat. I was amazed. She was so cute.

Crazy Me said...

Barnes and Noble is the greatest store of all time!!!! I can spend hours there and it feels like minutes. You can't beat that place.

Akanksha said...

awwwwwwwwww .. ur husband was sooooooo sweet
good u got some much needed time off

Tickneen said...

The first couple years are so hard. Those young years are absolutely exhausting. As long as you both are putting in 125%, you will be fine.

Agnes Mitchell said...

Blessed, sweet and kind husband. Major points to him. Next time he slacks on something, he gets off with a pat on the fanny and a hearty "it's ok honey". :P
(be careful not to spoil him though. LOL)

Good for you. Downtime is PRICELESS. (Downtime should be a big seller commercial for American Express, huh?)