Thursday, April 27, 2006

a good type of busy

i've been keeping busy; but its been fun.

Tuesday i went to see my sister in law and her son; my brother was away for a few days at a conference, so i thought she may want company while he was gone. it was really fun; erica and her cousin had such a great time playing together. He is 3 1/2 months older than her and is REALLY smart, so it was neat seeing him teach her things. He showed erica how to use a recorder. [its a whistle type thing.] At first she was just trying to suck in air, but eventually figured out to blow air out and the instrument would make a whistle sound. Then they also played at the piano. [As shown in the picture.] Quite a musical pair.

I had to wake erica up early in order to make our little venture. When i went into her room, she was still asleep, and i thought she looked so adorable. So i took a picture. Isnt she cute, with her hands behind her head there?

Wednesday was good. The daytime didnt hold anything too big; well, we did go grocery shopping. HA! i had a list of five things; $89 later we left for home... I kept remembering things i needed that hadnt been on the list; and it wasnt IMPULSE shopping. it really was stuff we needed.

Today i have a friend coming over; we're going to watch a movie. i'm excited. We normally dont get to spend too much time together b/c of schedules. She's going to India soon... The middle of May. Andrew joked with her that she should spend some time in our sunroom, because it gets to over 100 degrees in there-- when she's in india, its supposed to be like 120 or something. I dont think i've ever experienced that much heat in my entire life.

Tomorrow night i leave for my weekend get-away. YIPPEEEE!!!!


Tickneen said...

Cute pics!!! I miss seeing my kids sleeping like that. So precious! Moments like that make up for any ugliness that can arise when they are awake, LOL!!
Have a good weekend with the girls!!! Will dad need to start drinking as much coffee as you to get through the weekend?

Becky L said...

well, "dad" doesnt like coffee. he absolutely hates it.

i, on the otherhand, am rather addicted to the stuff. Actually, i just realized today that since its getting warmer out, i can start making my own home-made frappaccinos. yummy

'liya said...

Have fun on your getaway!

Crazy Me said...

Oooooh, a getaway sounds like fun!

Clairissa said...

I know what you mean about the good kind of busy. This last week was so busy I felt like I never had a chance to breath. But it's FUN and good. I love this time of year! There is so much to do. And gotta love the sleepy pics!!

P.S. You had said about Erica taking a morning nap and giving up her afternoon nap. What time do you put her to bed at night? Do you think that if you put her to bed later, she would sleep later in the morning and then you'd be able to push her through to the afternoon? Just a thought! :)

Agnes Mitchell said...

Yipee your weekend getaway. Come back and tell us you rested instead of worrying. :P

Great that Erica has her cousin to play with. They can be a handful but it's so good to get them socialized young. I have one nephew who is WAY socialized and another who knew nothing but his parents by the time he went to school. Suffice it to say the latter didn't do so well. He's catching on though.

You hang in there. Tell us fun stories of your "time off".

Becky L said...

LOL clairissa-- i dont think i want to keep her up any later at night; she's normally awake till after nine. and i think babies/toddlers are supposed to go to bed earlier than that, like 7 or 8.

Clairissa said...

Yeah you probably wanna get some sleep and avoid staying up later with her, but really 9 isn't too bad for a toddler!! :) I would imagine 7 PM for a bedtime would be way too early for their age, 8 at the earliest.

I'm just baffled as to why she can't make it through till later in the day at her age!! Honestly, have you tried holding her off as long as possible? Cuz at first it won't seem like it is working, but then as you do it the time should get later and later till it becomes an AFTERNOON nap.

Well anyway, maybe Erica is the one in 1.7 million children who is different and takes an AM nap and none in the PM! Good for her for being her own unique little person!! :)

Speaking of sleeping... it is 5:30 PM and I must go get my little man out of bed. I hear him tapping on the wall! ha ha